How ShareASale is better from other Affiliate Platforms?

The demand for Affiliate Marketing Platform is increasing in recent times as a great source of making good money. The platforms allow individuals to participate in affiliate marketing successfully. Wondering what affiliate marketing is? It is a type of marketing where you need to promote the products and services of businesses you are associated with and earn rewards when the target audience...

Google Algorithm Updates and It’s Importance [MUST READ]

Google algorithm
Searching and finding a helpful piece of information relating to a particular topic on the web has become quite easy. However, have you ever wondered how you are able to get what you are looking for so easily? Well, here, the Google algorithm comes into action. As there are thousands of active websites on the web today, finding helpful information would...

SEO vs SEM: What’s The Difference?

When it is about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), there are a lot of confusions among people. SEO vs SEM is one of the most confusing topics. While many people think that SEO and SEM can be interchangeably used, they are actually different. Both are methods used by businesses to reach their target audience on...

5 Great Content Ideas for Instagram

Instagram content ideas
Every social media channel has a prominent influence on the marketing prospects for a business. In the present times, the popularity of Instagram clearly indicates reasons for which businesses look for innovative Instagram content ideas. In the brand-building process, you must know the intricacies of Instagram for ensuring a successful social media strategy. If you think that posting brand photos...

Know all about MBA in Digital Marketing

MBA in Digital Marketing
With the rising dominance of digitalization, enterprises need expert professionals capable of marketing their products and services on digital platforms. Therefore, the demand for MBA in digital marketing has reached an all-time high in recent times. As the impact of digitalization is evident across various sectors and important business aspects, the need for a specialized program like an MBA...

How An Indian Child Artist Became the CEO of the World’s No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Platform?

Mayuresh Kshetramade
The life of every individual presents myriads of possibilities for progressing towards the future. Many people have charted out the course of their life unconventionally. Most of them, in manners that deviate considerably from the paths they initially set out on. This is the account of how a child artist in one of the revered and most-watched television shows,...

How to Earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Earn from Affiliate Marketing
Talking about affiliate marketing, it is one of the best ways to earn money by promoting websites, products, and service. In this model, when a visitor makes the purchase, you will get commissions from the sales. Speaking about affiliate marketing average income, with hard work, you can generate USD 1,000 to USD 7,000 monthly.  But getting into it can...

COVID19: Learn from Home while you quarantine

learn from home
Covid-19 is not just affecting one country, but the entire world. All the schools are shut, rescheduling of exams, no more meetings, and we have no idea how far this will go on. So, what should one do during this lockdown period? Many have indulged themselves into learning at home during the lockdown, while others are following their passion. Before the lockdown, most...

Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

linkedin profile tips
Struggling to find your dream job? Make sure you are on LinkedIn and actively participate to build your professional brand online. LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals where you can interact with others from same domain/industry and make connections with them. With right connection, you can get great opportunities to enhance your career. Spending time to expand and build...

How to Start a Blog in 2021?

Start a Blog
Blog writing is a very wonderful way to share and communicate your experiences with thousands of people in just a few steps. You can easily start a blog if you have a passion for turning your ideas into reader-friendly content. Lots of people are passionate about traveling, tasting different foods, technology, Art and crafts, dancing, singing, fashion and lifestyle, fitness...

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