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AWS vs Azure vs Google – Detailed Cloud Comparison

aws vs azure vs google
The competition among the top three players of the public cloud service market, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is very fierce. All three platforms have formidable efficiency in the provision of IaaS and PaaS solutions, thereby keeping the AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud debate running. The impact of this debate extends to a wide range of target audiences....

Microsoft Azure Certification path in 2021

Azure Certification Path
Aspiring to build a successful career in Microsoft Azure? Check out what’s there for you in the Azure certification path! Cloud Computing is one of the Hottest Domains for entrepreneurs and businessmen, as experts claim that the industry can reach a Staggering $167 billion by the end of 2020. It is safe to say that Cloud Computing has effectively changed...

How Hard is the RHCE Certification?

Red Hat Certified Engineer
RHCE certification is one of the most sought after certifications offered by RED HAT Inc, an American multinational organization that provides software solutions for Medium and large businesses situated all over the world. As a Matter of fact, RHCE certifications are one of the most valued of all the Linux certification programs. With an Always up to date syllabus and...

10 AWS Jobs You can Get with an AWS Certification

AWS Jobs
Almost every technical professional wants to establish a formidable career in cloud computing. Why? The popularity of cloud-based jobs is increasing considerably due to the large scale adoption of public cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. So, the search for ways to land up with AWS jobs has been gaining momentum in recent times. With...

Everything You should Know About RHCSA Certification

Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification
Every single day, organizations located all over the world are adopting complex IT systems and processes are paving the way for the increased workloads. The surge of workloads demands a sustainable and reliable system architecture, which can be provided by Linux - a powerful Open Source operating system. A Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification offers you the ability to...

How Should One Start to Learn Big Data and Hadoop?

learn big data
The importance of data is not an unknown factor for many people. Over the years, the term big data has become more prominent as more devices are being connected to the network. Businesses need professionals who are capable of digging into the large pile of big data and discover reliable insights. Therefore, candidates aspiring to learn big data search for...

Top 25 Java Programming Interview Questions and Answers

Java Programming Interview Questions
When people hear the word “art” they generally relate to literature, music, and paintings but there is more to it. Art is all about expressing your emotions, imaginations, thoughts, and ideas in an innovative way. Coding is also an art because coder goes through a different creative phase to solve a problem. For a non-programmer, it may seem that programming...

How to Jumpstart a Career in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing career
It is true that the job industry related to the computer and IT sector is now flourishing. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics study report, there will be around 13 percent growth in employment in the IT sector by the end of 2026. The major factor that is propelling the growth of this field is cloud computing services. As...

Top 5 Online AWS Certification Training Provider

AWS certification training
Are you currently on the lookout for the best online AWS certification training provider? Cloud computing is gradually becoming a staple requirement for all enterprises worldwide. Therefore, the demand for cloud certified candidates is shaping up the future trends of jobs in the IT sector. Apparently, almost 83% of enterprises all over the world would be on the cloud...

Top 5 Java Blogs in 2019

top java blogs
The Java programming language was released back in 1995, and since then it has been one of the most useful and popular programming languages across the globe. The Java technologies have made an ecosystem which provides a wide range of product such as libraries, frameworks, JVM languages and web development SDKs. There are various industries which prefer Java programming...

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