How Hard is the RHCE Certification?

Red Hat Certified Engineer

RHCE certification is one of the most sought after certifications offered by RED HAT Inc, an American multinational organization that provides software solutions for Medium and large businesses situated all over the world.

As a Matter of fact, RHCE certifications are one of the most valued of all the Linux certification programs. With an Always up to date syllabus and a collection of world-class study materials, RHCE certifications are one of the most sought after amongst recruiters.

Why should You Get an RHCE Certification?

The RHCE certification allows experienced system administrators to develop their knowledge and better understand the capabilities of Redhat Linux OS.  With well laid out study materials and a certificate from a highly reputed organization, the RHCE certification will allow you to better prepare for the competitive Job Market.

The RHCE certification preparation gives you a way to increase your knowledge in other Linux Bases systems like Suse, Mandrake, Linux Mint, Mandriva, etc..

Who can Really Benefit From the RHCE Certification?

The RHCE certification doesn’t prove useful to beginners who are just starting out in this field. This is suitable for experienced professionals and senior system administrators who are looking to improve their Knowledgebase.

So in essence, here are the following subgroups who would benefit after becoming a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

  • Experienced Linux Professionals who already own an RHCSA certification
  • Experienced Linux System Administrators who need proof for their skills
  • Experienced System administrators who need the RHCE certification to proceed further in their career
  • Students who have already acquired certificates from the RHCE certification lab.

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What is the Cost of RHCE Certification?

Now that we have understood the types of persona who would be benefitted after becoming a Red Hat Certified Engineer, let’s take a look at the costs it would incur to be done with the RHCE certification.

The total cost of the RHCE certification stands somewhere between 15,000 – 17,000 INR. Once acquired this certification stands valid for a total of 3 years, after which Red Hat requires you to take another RHCE certification exam.

Rules and Duration of the Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam

The duration of the exam is 3.5 hours in which they will perform routine system administrator tasks. This is a performance-based evaluation where the response time and the skill with which they clear these tasks are taken into account.

The Red Hat Certified Engineer exam requires system administrators to earn their certificate with a Hands-on approach. To maintain the superiority and value of the RHCE certification in the market, RedHat imposes two critical rules for administrators taking the exam

  • No internet Access
  • Complete Prohibition to outside materials during the exam

However, System Administrators are allowed to carry documents provided by RedHat along with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux software.

Here’s an Idea of What You Will Learn After Taking an RHCE Certification Exam :

The RHCE certification exam is considered to be one of the toughest and most valuable certificates that a Linux system administrator can acquire.

Here are some things you can master by taking the RHCE certification preparation.

  • Understand and configure network static routes
  • Set parameters for Existing kernels at Runtime
  • Understand the Configuration of Network Address translation and Pocket Filtering
  • Efficiently Generate reports on System Behaviour and utilization of resources
  • Understand and configure services like
      1. Web Servers ( HTTP/HTTPS )
      2. Network File System ( NFS )
      3. Network Time Protocol ( NTP )
      4. File Transfer Protocol ( FTP )
      5. Simple Message Transfer Protocol ( SMTP )
  • Use Shell Scripting to Automate tasks
  • Easily format an iSCSI initiator

What are the Job Opportunities We Get After the RHCE Certification?

After Completing the RHCE certification course, you will be able to scale your career as a Senior System Administrator in Fortune 500 Companies and other Multinational organizations which use Linux based architectures in their cloud architecture and virtual machines.

With more Enterprises and organizations opting for IoT and cloud-based systems in the future, equipping yourself with an RHCE certification will set you up for success in the long run.

Here are Some Courses Recommended by the Redhat Community Before Taking Up the RHCE Certification

As this is an advanced course, RedHat recommends its students to complete certain courses before completing the RHCE certification.

For Windows System Administrators

  • Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)
  • Red Hat System Administration II (RH135 & RH134)
  • Red Hat System Administration III (RH255 & RH254)

For Linux System Administrators that have Less than 3 Years of Experience

  • RHCSA Rapid Track Course with and without exam (RH200 & RH199)

For Senior Linux System Administrators

  • RHCE Rapid Track Course with and without  RHCSA, RHCE exams (RH300 & RH299)

Final Tips for Becoming a Red Hat Certified Engineer

We understand that acquiring an RHCE certification can be hard. But here are some tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes System administrators make in an RHCE certification

  1. Take Some time to understand the tasks and Objectives of the exam
  2. Don’t Rush into the exam, as tasks might be interdependent on each other
  3. Review your tasks before you turn in your final results.

We hope this gave you an Idea of the RHCE certification and allows you to ace the preparation with ease.

We hope to see you pass with flying colors.

All the Best!


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