How to Jumpstart a Career in Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing career

It is true that the job industry related to the computer and IT sector is now flourishing. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics study report, there will be around 13 percent growth in employment in the IT sector by the end of 2026. The major factor that is propelling the growth of this field is cloud computing services.

As per the report of the IDC- International Data Corporation, the demand for cloud computing is growing among all the companies. That’s why they are now looking for professional cloud computing experts. So, in the coming years, there will a huge requirement of cloud computing experts, creating better job opportunities. But how to start your Cloud computing career?

Here are some useful tips that you can consider while choosing a Career in Cloud Computing

1. Selecting the right certification

Before your start, it is important to understand the cloud computing career paths and certifications. Talking about certification, for now, AWS certification is one of the highest paying cloud computing certifications across the world. Besides, you can go for Cisco CCNA, CCNP cloud certification, MCSE certification by Microsoft, Google cloud certification, and more. Each certification has its own benefits, so do your homework and choose accordingly.

2. Create a solid portfolio

Before applying for any post, try to build your portfolio by working on a different project, and add some training experience. Remember one thing that, there should be a work consistent from one cloud computing project to another project as this is something that every employer will look at. Add every single detail about your experience, internships, and other works. Your certifications will support you throughout your Cloud computing career.

3. Develop some reputable references

Create a list of mentors, supervisors, colleagues, etc. who will vouch for your work ethic, skills, and knowledge. In this field, the demand for a candidate with strong references along with a strong portfolio and certification is more than a candidate with experience.

4. Obtain the required skills 

It is true that there is a rising demand for cloud computing professionals who have all the required skills. To increase your chances of getting a job, you need to know about what skills are needed for cloud computing. So, some of the major skills that you must have are:

  • Coding and programming language skills (SQL, Python, Ruby, XML data, and more).
  • Cloud security (Go for a CCSP- Certified Cloud Security Professional training course).
  • Linux (servers powered by Linux based Azure or Microsoft).
  • Database management skills (learn data-oriented languages, such as Hadoop or SQL)
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • DevOps skills (learn about Jenkins, ELK, and Monit tools).
  • Business and analytical skills.

These are some useful skills that you should have to get a cloud computing job. There are various courses and training programs available for this.

5. Know about the emerging technologies

Cloud computing involves a lot of technologies, and you should have sufficient knowledge about this. On the other hand, technologies are also evolving. So, you need to cover them all. For example, machine learning. Big Data, blockchain, and more. This filed doesn’t remain constant, so keep learning.

6. Always find a good recruiter

It is true that good and professional recruiters are invaluable resources when you are looking for jobs. Most of the companies pay for recruitment firms to find out the best talents for the vacant position. Companies choose them to enhance the chances of getting skilled and perfect candidates. They know which cloud computing companies are searching for entry-level candidates. You can have a good chance of jump-starting your cloud computing careerwith the help of a recruiter than searching for a job by yourself.

Final Note

Are cloud computing jobs in demand? Well, the answer is yes. Reports show that the average salary of the entry-level cloud computing experts is around USD 124,300. But now it is growing. So, don’t miss out on any opportunities. Follow the above-mentioned tips, keep improving your existing skills and try to understand where it fits, and get ready to jumpstart your Cloud computing career.  For better jobs, check out for employment advertisements in LinkedIn, and on various company’s website.


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