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How to Start a Career as an AWS Developer Fresher?

If you have decided to pursue a career with the AWS cloud, then you have made a right decision! You must have noticed the immense demand for AWS professionals in roles such as solutions architect, developer, or DevOps engineers. So, what exactly does an individual have to do to start their career as an AWS developer fresher? This question can have varied responses depending on the practical experience of an individual with cloud computing, especially AWS. 

For example, an individual with years of experience in working on AWS cloud can approach AWS developer jobs directly. However, what is the proof of your experience? Rather than being confused about different career paths, let us reflect on the ideal pointers that can help you start your career as AWS developers. 

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Are You Ready to Become an AWS Developer?

The first step in the journey to becoming an AWS developer is an evaluation of your readiness. You have to check your skills and knowledge available presently for determining whether you can take over the prominent roles and responsibilities of AWS developers. Do you know about all the crucial fundamentals of cloud computing? 

Do you have a detailed understanding of all services available on AWS? Do you know how the services on AWS interact with each other? All these questions will help you introspect into your available skills and knowledge. You can think of this step as the foundation for your journey in establishing a career as AWS developers. 

Choose the Right Certification 

The following step for any candidate aspiring to become an AWS developer fresher is the identification of AWS certification. The AWS Certified Developer Associate certification is the most readily available AWS certification for candidates to kickstart their careers as AWS developers. 

However, you can also choose the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner foundational certification to build your basic AWS knowledge. The AWS Certified Developer Associate credential clearly establishes that certified candidates have the required skills, abilities, and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities in the concerned role. 

Dedicate All Your Efforts

Prepare for the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification with competitive and efficient training resources. Candidates should use the official AWS documentation and hands-on labs along with training courses of reliable platforms. The preparation of candidates for the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification should foster the practical experience of candidates. You must focus on hands-on experience with practical tasks that AWS Developers have to take over in their roles. Candidates could use hands-on labs as the best sources to improve their experience in addressing scenario-related performance-based tasks. 

Earning an AWS certification brings a number of benefits to one’s profile. Check out top benefits of AWS certification you may get with an AWS certification!

Practice is very crucial in the Long Run 

Candidates wondering about AWS jobs for freshers as cloud developers must also use practice tests reasonably for their preparations. The element of practice is one of the notable undermined aspects that prevent candidates from qualifying AWS developer certification. Practice tests not only prepare candidates for the real exam but also help in testing their knowledge and skills. In addition, practice tests are also crucial for improving the speed with which candidates can resolve problems with their expertise. The presence of mind developed through practice tests can be an ideal instrument for freshers to address the tasks of an AWS developer.

Find Jobs to Build Experience

Once you have qualified the AWS Developer certification, you have to start the next phase of your journey. Many people ask the question ‘is AWS certification enough to get a job.’ However, the question should actually focus on the ways to find a job with AWS certification. Candidates must clear their minds and understand that AWS certifications are not necessary guarantees for lucrative jobs. 

If you are looking to become an AWS developer from the level of a fresher, then start thinking likewise. Even as an AWS certified developer, you have to start from the level of a beginner before climbing to higher ranks. Therefore, qualified candidates should immediately start exploring jobs in entry-level positions or freelance projects. Practical experience would give a promising opportunity for all freshers to develop the skills they would need for taking on larger projects.

Participate in the AWS Community and Build Your Network

Interaction with the community and professional networking are the next best steps for candidates to land up AWS developer jobs for freshers. After certification, candidates can get access to the AWS community and a massive repository of AWS-related information. In the long run, the AWS community could serve as a mandatory element in the professional development of a fresher. Furthermore, professional networking with the recognition of an AWS certification could help you find jobs suited to your preferences.



As you can see, there is no rocket science behind starting your career as an AWS Developer fresher. All you have to do is find the right path to take your career forward. If you are a fresher to the world of AWS and cloud computing, then start from the foundations.

However, freshers with previous knowledge of cloud computing can gain proof of their skills and knowledge for the role of AWS developer through certification. The facility of easy and proven guidance on qualifying certifications alongside determining the career trajectory ahead can help many aspirants. So, choose the right certification training platform right now and get started!

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