List of Top 25 AWS Blogs

AWS Blogs

Blogs are the most reliable source of information in the present times. Since the popularity of AWS is not unknown in the public cloud market, many aspiring enthusiasts want to find reliable AWS blogs.

The blogs can deliver promising insights on different products and services of AWS and the new technology offerings. Subsequently, blogs can also serve as trustworthy guidance on various tasks in the AWS cloud alongside guidance on different practical use cases.

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Here’s the list of 25 best AWS blogs in 2020

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1. AWS News Blog

One of the first mentions among the popular AWS blogs is the official AWS News Blog. The blog is a credible source of information on the latest industry trends and new AWS offerings.

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2. AWS Blog

The official AWS blogs are also credible sources of information regarding the latest news and information regarding the AWS cloud.

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3. AWSInsider

The AWSInsider blog is a trustworthy entry among the top AWS blogs for obtaining the details on how-to guides, as well as tips and tricks for working with AWS.

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4. Reddit AWS Threads

The AWS thread on Reddit can also serve as a reliable option for accessing news and articles that cover all AWS tools. In addition, Reddit discussions also encompass new technology arrivals.

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5. Jayendra’s Blog

Jayendra Patil’s blog is a top entry among AWS blogs that can help in gaining AWS knowledge from the perspective of an experienced AWS professional.

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6. AWS Cloud Helpers

AWS Cloud Helpers is a promising platform for AWS users to interact with new as well as experienced AWS users.

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7. Alestic

Under the authorship of Eric Hammond, Alestic serves as a prolific blog for earning technical information on AWS. The personal experiences of Eric Hammond provide a unique perspective on the world of AWS.

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8. N2WS Blog

The N2WS blog is the ideal platform for gaining knowledge regarding EC2 AWS Disaster Recovery solutions. The credibility of N2W as a popular Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) software also ensures the accuracy of information.

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9. Simpliv Blog

The Simpliv blog can provide practical, hands-on guidance on the development of AWS cloud infrastructure with high cost-effectiveness, scalability, and availability.

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10. CloudThat Blog

CloudThat is one of the pioneers of cloud training and consulting services in India. The company’s blog offers wide-ranging information on diverse aspects of AWS. Aspiring learners can find the credibility of CloudThat blog on the basis of its target audience that includes medium as well as enterprise-level clients worldwide.

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11. A Cloud Guru

There would be practically no list of AWS blogs without the name of A Cloud Guru in it. It provides a collection of articles on cloud computing and the serverless paradigm. Therefore, learners can use the A Cloud Guru blog for enriching their information regarding AWS Cloud.

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12. Trek10

Trek10 is one of the noted platforms for designing, building, and supporting sophisticated solutions by leveraging critical tools and AWS services. The Trek10 blog can help in delivering promising insights on AWS serverless applications and the adoption of serverless technologies.

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13. Onica Blog

Onica provides one of the best AWS blogs containing posts from competent AWS experts. The blog is also a formidable source for gaining technical education, training, and how-to articles related to AWS.

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14. Metricly

Metricly is a renowned SaaS-oriented monitoring solution with higher adaptability and the ability to monitor cloud services, infrastructure, public cloud costs, and applications. The frequency of two new blogs per month on the Metricly blog helps you stay updated with news and trends.

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15. Whizlabs Blog

Whizlabs official blog is a massive repository of information on everything related to AWS. Starting from guidance for AWS certifications, how-to articles related to AWS, and posts on new AWS solutions and trends, you can find a huge amount of information on AWS with the Whizlabs blog.

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16. Stelligent Blog

Stelligent is one of the prominent names among providers of DevOps automation in AWS. The Stelligent Blog is one of the credible AWS blogs for additional information regarding DevOps automation in the AWS cloud.

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17. Cloudonaut Blog

Cloudonaut Blog is the brainchild of Andreas and Michael Wittig. The Cloudonaut blog contains posts about AWS in action and the trends of DevOps in AWS.

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18. Cloud Vedas

Cloud Vedas is one of the top-ranking AWS blogs that has emerged recently. Authored by Saurabh Gupta, a Certified AWS Solution Architect, and a Cloud Evangelist, the blog posts primary deal with practical guides and how-to articles.

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19. Techyfella

The best entry among top AWS blogs in 2020 for freshers is Techyfella. The blog delivers a detailed explanation of AWS fundamentals with a basic perspective.

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20. Danny’s Cloud

Another one of the notable mentions among AWS blogs for beginners, Danny’s Cloud, contains posts with documentation based on his learning of cloud computing, AWS, and automation.

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21. Flywithedu

Flywithedu is basically a learning platform, and you can explore a diverse range of information on AWS. Students, as well as professionals, can use this platform for tailoring their expertise according to their existing skillset.

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22. Jefferson Frank AWS Blog

The Jefferson Frank AWS blog is also one of the prominent names among AWS blogs for credible AWS knowledge. The different categories of blog posts are helpful for learners to navigate the blog easily.

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23. Devglan

Devglan is another top entry among AWS blogs, especially for the community experience to strengthen DevOps expertise.

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24. Rapyder

AWS enthusiasts could also use the Rapyder blog for gaining access to the latest resources and articles regarding AWS.

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25. Last Week in AWS

The final mention among credible AWS blogs is Last Week in AWS. The blog posts cover various facets of AWS, such as costing, certification, service releases, and many more.

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The above-mentioned list of AWS blogs can serve a massive collection of information on AWS landscape. You can explore the fundamentals of AWS architecture and the services with these blogs. The blogs can also help you find reliable insights for taking your AWS career forward.

The details about certifications and the guidance for certification exam preparations could be very helpful. In the long-run, blogs become an integral part of the life of any AWS professional as they have to stay updated with the industry. So, pick your favorite blogs and start diving into the sea of information about AWS now!


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