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10 AWS Jobs You can Get with an AWS Certification

Almost every technical professional wants to establish a formidable career in cloud computing. Why? The popularity of cloud-based jobs is increasing considerably due to the large scale adoption of public cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

So, the search for ways to land up with AWS jobs has been gaining momentum in recent times. With the global cloud market supposed to exceed $411 billion in terms of the total value, the choice of ideal AWS jobs for freshers becomes very crucial.

List of AWS Jobs to Get with an AWS Certification

The list of AWS jobs that you can get with an AWS certification is long. Let us find out the top 10 jobs in AWS that can be the perfect bridge for a promising cloud computing career.

  • AWS Cloud Architect

The foremost entry among AWS jobs is that of an AWS cloud architect. The AWS cloud architect has to take care of computing strategy, adoption plan, cloud application design, deployment, management, maintenance and monitoring. The AWS jobs salary, in this case, would be $100,240 per year on average.

  • AWS SysOps Administrator

The next prominent entry among AWS job roles for fresher candidates is the SysOps Administrator job. The role involves the responsibility of two distinct aspects, such as System and Operations. The SysOps administrator has to take care of the entire lifecycle of cloud systems in an enterprise. The average annual salary for a SysOps administrator would be approximately $130,610.

  • AWS Cloud Developer

Another common entry among AWS jobs for fresher candidates is the AWS Cloud Developer role. The primary responsibilities of the candidate would include the design and development of cloud solutions. The AWS cloud developer handles the development of web applications as well as data and application integration. The average annual salary for the AWS cloud developer would be $127,037.

  • Cloud Software Engineer

The role of a cloud software engineer requires comprehensive knowledge of the different programming languages for designing software on AWS. The cloud software engineer is also responsible for the maintenance of the development of the cloud-based system and ensuring its flexible operations. The average annual salary for a cloud software engineer is almost $120,613.

  • AWS DevOps Engineer

The popularity of DevOps engineers is increasing slowly as organizations realize the value of collaboration between development and operations. An AWS DevOps Engineer would have to collaborate with different IT roles such as developers, system operators, production teams and testers. The average annual salary of an AWS DevOps Engineer ranges between $137,000 and $180,000 depending on their experience and skills.

  • AWS Networking Specialist

Another promising entrant among AWS jobs refers to that of a networking specialist. The networking specialist is responsible for tasks such as analysis of network performance, routine testing, maintenance of network security and presenting problems for troubleshooting issues to avoid any sort of time loss. The average annual salary for an AWS Networking Specialist is almost $52,124.

  • AWS Cloud Security Expert

One of the notable concerns in AWS cloud presently is cloud security. As an AWS cloud security expert, you have to ensure the management and configuration of data security infrastructures. In addition, you should also look forward to the implementation of regulatory standards pertaining to security. The average annual salary of an AWS Cloud Security expert is almost $73,477.

  • Machine Learning Specialist

If you have an interest in artificial intelligence and development roles, then the AWS jobs of machine learning specialists can be ideal for you. The job of an AWS machine learning specialist involves designing, implementation and maintenance of ML tasks and applications in an organization. The average annual salary for an AWS machine learning specialist varies between $37,392 and $138,408 on the basis of the job role.

  • AWS System Integrator

The unique entry among AWS jobs for freshers is AWS System Integrator job role. The responsibilities of AWS system integrators include data storage, networking, communication and infrastructure management. The annual average salary of an AWS system integrator could be almost $70,000.

  • Data Analytics Specialist

The final entry among the AWS jobs that you can pursue is that of an AWS Data Analytics Specialist. If you have an interest in data analytics, then you can opt for this job role. The notable responsibilities, in this case, include the collection, organization, processing and analysis of data information for creating valuable insights for businesses. The average annual salary of an AWS data analytics specialist can be almost $107,801.

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Are You Ready for a Career on AWS?

So, you can explore the above-mentioned job roles according to your interests and career objectives for finding the right choice. Whether you are a fresher or have got some experience in AWS, an AWS certification can do a lot in getting you your dream job. So, prepare well, adhere to your career objectives, plan prudently, and achieve professional certifications for a promising AWS career right now!   

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