Top 5 Java Blogs in 2019

top java blogs

The Java programming language was released back in 1995, and since then it has been one of the most useful and popular programming languages across the globe. The Java technologies have made an ecosystem which provides a wide range of product such as libraries, frameworks, JVM languages and web development SDKs. There are various industries which prefer Java programming languages as it can be applied to multiple sectors by them. This has made it the most preferred language in the industry and has been flourishing ever since its inception.

Java programming is dynamic and is constantly updated to blend with the growing needs as technology progresses. The Java developers need to constantly be updated about these as the programming language in itself is too vast to be comprehended in a short span. Java Blogs are frequented by programmers and developers to check on the recent developments.

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Here are Top 5 Java Blogs in 2019:

1. Oracle’s Blog

The Oracle’s blog is one of the best Java blogs in 2019 as the blog is offered by Oracle itself. It brings you, everyone, on board which makes Java programming much easier such as the developers, polyglots, and technologists. The blog is also updated with the recent developments and news about the Java SE and Java OpenJDK. There are Java tutorials on the Oracle blog along with the FAQ section where you can begin from the basics and reach the epitome. You may not be an industry expert to understand the programming language as the platform provides a flexible opportunity to learn by keeping them updated about product features, conferences, community, technical articles and much more to aid the developer.

2.  Whizlabs

While it is important to keep track of the knowledge, validating it with a relevant certification would give your skillset a recognition. Whizlabs Java blog is an online destination for the aspirants to help them in their Java certification preparation. You may find a series of interview questions articles on this blog such as Top 25 Java Freshers Interview Questions, Top 100 Java Interview Questions, Top 25 Spring Framework Interview Questions and more here. You can also read the latest articles on Java developers skills, Certification preparation guides, Java influencers, and Java frameworks. This platform has something for everyone whether being a Java fresher or experienced Java professional.

3. InfoQ

This is one of the top Java blogs which would help the developers to find everything at one place. This platform is preferred as it makes everything right from news, articles, program updates and guides available without any hassle. The motive of the blog is to facilitate the sprawl of knowledge along with innovation, particularly in professional software design. The Java developers are keen to be updated with the insights of these sections as there are presentations available for top java experts of the industries, making it one of the most popular java blogs. The platform provides an opportunity for fresher’s as well as experienced professional to interact with industry experts to create a vivid learning environment.

4. Javaworld

The Javaworld is truly one of the best java blogs as it is considered to be a huge hub for Java learning. The platform works as an independent resource system and is leading in the world of Java programming by providing a multitude of information about the programming language in a dynamic manner. It promotes the interaction of people from similar backgrounds and also focuses on making it an open source point for developers to interact on key ideas. The wide range of information available on Javaworld would make starting a career in these fields, and it is also one of the best java blogs for interviews, which helps young professionals learn the basics.

5.  Javarevisited

An industry expert, Javin Paul runs Javarevisited. The blog can be used for gaining basic knowledge about the step by step guides on Java programming, and its different features are explained for both beginners and professionals. There are reader interviews on the blog with Javin who takes up difficult questions and scripts simple solutions to those. Fresh content is regularly updated on the platform, and such java blogs are not supposed to be missed at any cost to learn the intricacies of the programming language.

These Java blogs has been a huge resource for java developers and programmers who strive to learn the basics of it. The Java aspirants are deeply benefited by the rich content which is laid out by industry experts having great experience. The Java skills can be improvised multi-folds with the help of these blogs and other important Java blogs for developers are JOOQ BLOG, Adam Bien’s Weblog, A Java Geek, Vlad Mihalecea, Baeldung by Eugen and Thoughts on Java by Thorben Janssen.


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