Certified Ethical Hacker vs CISSP – Which is For You?


Nobody can deny that living in a digital world has some setbacks alongside the wide range of its valuable benefits. One of the most dominant setbacks associated with digital systems and networks refers to cybersecurity. Recently, the demand for ethical hacking jobs has increased profoundly, thereby leading to the CEH vs. CISSP debate.

Both of them are notable certifications in the domain of information security and can pave the path for a prolific cybersecurity career. So, it is reasonable to wonder about the fitting choice among these two alternatives for you. Let us weigh both the alternatives and find out the fitting answer to add value to your career.

The Certified Ethical Hacker vs. CISSP debate is undoubtedly a hot one for aspiring cybersecurity and IT professionals. Before diving right into a comparison of the alternatives, it is important to know the details of both credentials. Here is a brief introduction to the two certifications that can change your IT career.

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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

The CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification by the EC Council is a modern qualification tailored for the information security setbacks in the age of internet. The CEH vs. CISSP debate turns in favor of the former due to the focus on using the techniques of hackers to deal with them.

The certification evaluates candidates on the basis of knowledge regarding different systems. In addition, candidates have to prove their capabilities for identifying vulnerabilities of the systems under review. Most important of all, the credential verifies the skills of candidates for addressing the vulnerabilities to establish safeguards against hacking attempts.

Now, the answer to the question ‘is certified ethical hacker worth it’ might become clear to readers. Candidates with profound command over IT, especially some programming experience, can approach CEH certification for career development. In addition, the certification is also suitable for candidates with basic technical knowledge, although technical knowledge is always beneficial. 

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium is also another internationally recognized credential. Candidates debating over CEH vs. CISSP would find the latter helpful for exploring employment opportunities in multiple countries. The backing of a global organization like (ISC) 2 is a favorable aspect for professional development of qualified candidates.

In the certified ethical hacker vs. certified information system security professional debate, the latter offers access to various job opportunities and career prospects in IT security. Therefore, CISSP can help you get your hands on high-level IT security jobs with managerial duties and responsibilities.


The first factor that you should take into account in the CEH vs. CISSP comparison is the difficulty of certifications. Are the effort and time required for the certifications worth it? Let’s find out.

Candidates for the CEH program must have at least two years of professional experience in IT security. The CEH certification course includes 18 modules that deal with almost 270 attack technologies. Candidates must also practice their skills in real-life scenarios involving hacking. After training comprehensively for the CEH certification exam, candidates have to appear for the exam. The CEH exam features 125 multiple choice questions, and the total duration of the exam is four hours.

On the other end of the CEH vs. CISSP debate in terms of difficulty, CISSP implies the requirement of at least five years of professional experience in different domains. The domains covered in the CISSP certification include,

  • Security engineering
  • Security and risk management
  • Security operations
  • Asset security
  • Security operations
  • Identity and access management
  • Software development security
  • Security assessment and testing 

When it comes to the exam, candidates have to go through 250 questions over a total duration of six hours. The CISSP exam also includes advanced innovative questions. Therefore, CISSP is definitely a tougher path to take in comparison to CEH certification.

How Can I Choose?

As you can notice clearly, there is no clear answer to ‘which is better, CISSP or CEH.’ Therefore, it is important to understand the following factors that can help you make the right choice.

  • Future career goals of the candidate can help in choosing the certification more suited to their needs.
  • Existing knowledge and experience of a candidate can help in making an easier choice among the two certifications.
  • Identify whether the certification can help you navigate desirable and lucrative career paths of your choice.

Are You Ready to Choose?

Therefore, the final decision for the CEH vs. CISSP debate ultimately rounds up to career goals of candidates. The scope for ethical hacking jobs is increasing substantially, with job roles of security consultants fetching average annual salaries up to $72,000. On the other hand, information security personnel with managerial responsibilities are likely to earn average annual salaries ranging from $90,000 to $111,000 with the CISSP certification.

So, you have an emerging information security specialization with CEH certification and a well-established information security credential in CISSP. Review your career goals and interests before making the final choice. Choose wisely and start preparing right now.


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