Is Udemy worth Time and Money?

udemy review

Do you have a knack for self-improvement? With a simple online search, you can find many online course providers offering a wide assortment of opportunities for skill development. Among the many prominent online training platforms, Udemy grabs one of the top spots for its comprehensive portfolio of training courses. 

However, there are many concerns regarding the legitimacy of Udemy. As a matter of fact, it is reasonable for learners to be skeptical of the effectiveness of a particular online learning platform. The following detailed Udemy review can help you find out a reliable impression of the justifications to choose Udemy.

What does Udemy Offer?

First of all, it is important to know about the platform itself in this Udemy review. Since you are reading this, you know that Udemy is a place where you can find online courses. However, it is essential to know that Udemy is not a learning management system. You can get Udemy online courses in various subject areas such as software development, finance and accounting, business, photography, office productivity, marketing, design, photography, academics, office productivity, IT & software and others. Learners can find the courses arranged into different module and lessons alongside including videos, assessment tests and text notes. As of February 2020, almost 50 million students have already taken different courses that Udemy offers.

Is Udemy Legitimate?

Another notable fact that you may come across in Udemy reviews refers to its legitimacy. The recognition of notable platforms such as Mashable and Forbes alongside the massive base of learners gaining new skills with Udemy provides the perfect answer to ‘is Udemy worth time and money’. Furthermore, many organizations also use Udemy for corporate training of its staff.

On the other hand, another fact that you would note in Udemy training courses review is that any individual could create and sell a particular course on Udemy. You can perceive that Udemy courses would vary considerably in terms of quality. So, you should evaluate the features and reviews of online courses on Udemy thoroughly for choosing the ideal course.

However, it does not mean that all courses on Udemy are created by random people. Learners can explore courses by different subject matter experts in their chosen fields. Therefore, you can find legitimate online courses for developing desired skills with the help of Udemy. On the other hand, you should also note in this Udemy review that the platform does not provide online courses accredited by academic institutions.

Furthermore, it is also possible on the off chance that you can land up with poor quality courses on Udemy. Therefore, as long as you can select a proper online course with Udemy by reflecting on course details and reviews, you are good to go!

Advantages of Udemy

Now, let us take a detailed look at the advantages and setbacks of Udemy in this Udemy review to find whether it is worth your time and money or not.

The foremost positive aspect of Udemy courses is the facility of unlimited access to all courses you purchase on Udemy. 

The instructors for different online training courses on Udemy introduce constant updates in the courses. As a result, you can have the assurance of relevant training according to emerging technological trends. 

The courses on Udemy generally contain training videos averaging at around 5 to 15 minutes in terms of duration. The duration of the videos varies considerably according to the subject that the course deals with. 

The ratings and reviews of each online course on Udemy are publicly available. This is one of the notable aspects of this Udemy review which shows the transparency Udemy offers for evaluating its courses. Learners can explore details about the course and the instructor carefully for making an appropriate decision.

Udemy is also one of the favorite platforms for improving your preparations for renowned IT certifications such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or security certifications. 

The benefits of Udemy in any Udemy review should also include a mention of the specialization courses on Udemy. The majority of online training platforms focus on official certification training courses or accredited courses. However, Udemy also provides standalone courses such as for different enterprise models or other specializations in their chosen area.

Setbacks of Udemy

While there are so many advantages of Udemy, there are many setbacks that aspiring learners should find in Udemy review. As already discussed, one of the first setbacks of using Udemy is the lack of accredited courses. Apart from certain courses, you would have to work additionally for proving your knowledge on a particular topic. Another noticeable setback with Udemy is the lack of any specific evidence for verifying qualification of instructors.

Proceed Wisely! 

On a concluding note, it is important for learners to consider the best practices for choosing the right Udemy courses. Above all, the importance of Udemy as a reliable training platform is unquestionable. So, you have to be careful, and you can definitely find an effective course. Read a lot of reviews to get a detailed overview of the course you are considering to learn. 

Even if there are setbacks, try investing some efforts in finding out about the instructor of a specific course. Most important of all, don’t forget to use Udemy free courses to your advantage. You can explore the different features in the courses along with preview content to get a clear idea of what lies in store for you. Start researching now, and find the right path for improving further!


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