Top 10 Sites to learn Excel for free

best sites for excel learning

Believe it or not, Excel is one of the most sought after skills in the Job Market at any given time. This is Because of the crazy powers of Excel that allow users to arrange and view Numerical Data in an efficient way.

Moreover, Excel helps businesses derive meaningful facts from Data. This Single-Use characteristic helps businesses increase their productivity immensely.

So, in this article, I tried to collect the list of top 10 websites that will help you learn about Excel for Free!

Here’re the 10 Free Best Sites for Excel Learning

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center

Before you go to any other website, you should take a look at Microsoft’s help center to start with. This official website from Microsoft offers answers to all your queries and can also help you find features about Excel you might not have known before.

You can learn more about this here –

2. Excel Exposure

Another Great resource for LEarning all about excel from the basics. Excel Exposure was founded by Ben Currier who has a Decade of experience working in the Finance and Accounting departments of many Industries. He started this site after realising that Excel is a Tool nearly all industries use across all verticals.

You can learn more about here –

3. Chandoo

Chandoo is a website dedicated to helping people master Excel and Power BI. This website was founded by Chandoo and offers people with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses to master Excel.

You can also go through his blog posts to learn more about the Common mistakes users make with Excel.

Learn more about Chandoo here –

4. Excel Central

This is also another personal Blog where the Founder shares useful tips and tricks about Excel, that users seem to overlook a lot. Excel Central offers a ton of free resources in the form of Blogs to help you master Microsoft excel. It also has a Supportive community that also helps you solve a ton of excel doubts in real-time.

You can learn more about Excel Central here –

5. Contextures

Contextures is also run by a Single Blogger, Debra Dalgleish who founded it in November 2000. Working as a Freelancer, Debra has created Excel-based solutions for thousands of businesses and clients, saving them time and money.

Debra has written three books and uses Contextures to share her knowledge of Excel with the World. She also has hundreds of free tutorials and videos which you can check out on Contextures.

You can learn more about Contextures –

6. Excel Hero

Excel hero was founded by Daniel Ferry to help avid and frequent users of excel, heroes of that software.  Daniel Ferry started posting tips on Excel tips and tricks from January 2010, and slowly built it into the Ultimate resource for wannabe Excel heroes.

You can learn more about Excel Hero here –

7. Mr. Excel

Mr.Excel is the most frequently updated and well-polished resource for learning about Excel out there. Even though all the other websites mentioned in the list have great content, their websites are outdated.

Mr.Excel’s founder Keeps it a Priority of regularly updating the website with fresh and relevant information to make sure that it’s users get Maximum value out of it.

You can learn more about Mr.Excel here –

8. Improve Your Excel

Improve your Excel is a Blog resource or LEarning tips and Tricks about Excel. This Focuses on only the Blog type content with nothing more than the written word with some pictures between.

You can learn more about Improve Your Excel here –

9. Excel Easy

Excel Easy is another blog only Website that helps Excel users learn the lesser-known features of Excel with Real-Life examples. To be frank, we were astounded to know that a detailed resource like this existed on the Internet for free!

You can learn more about Excel Easy here –

10. Excel Jet

Excel Jet is run by Dave and Lisa who is a husband-wife couple. Dave has more than 20 years of experience as a Manager in the Corporate world, whereas Lisa is an E-lEarning animator.  They work as a team, as Dave stars in Bite-sized videos while Lisa Edits and Arranges them Accordingly for you to watch and Learn.

You can learn more about Excel Jet here –

Final Notes

Always remember that the Job Markets are ever-changing and can be unpredictable. The best you can do is keep learning new skills and apply them to your Jobs.

I hope this Detailed list of Resources will help you Land your Favourite Job with ease.

Happy Learning!

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