Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation

Getting your well-developed resume across the ATS and passing the Final tests is pretty easy if you make use of the websites we have mentioned in our last article. But cracking that final interview can be Hard. Especially if you don’t understand the Mindset of the Interviewer and don’t know what you are doing.

Think about it!

The Interview is the only thing standing between you and Job. So it’s just a no-brainer to prepare yourself for the interview with the best resources.

So we decided to put together a list of 10 Websites that will help you prepare for interviews.

Check them out!

Here’re the Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation

1. Ambitionbox

Ambitionbox is a Job Portal situated in Noida, with a User Base 24 Lakhs every single Month. The best thing about Ambitionbox is their dedication to a separate section for Interview preparation.

This Section gives Jobseekers from all fields and roles, a good look into the types of questions they will be asked in the interview. 

know more about Ambitionbox here –

2. Ace The interview

AcetheInterview is a Website dedicated to Jobseeker to learn the basics of a Successful Interview process. All you need to do is sign up and AcetheInterview will offer you Flashcards from the Industry and role you choose to pursue.

Learn more about AceTheInterview here –

3. Geeksforgeeks

GeeksforGeeks is one of the best resources for tech, Computer, and IT-related information on the Internet. GeeksforGeeks has a decided Interview prep portal which offers job seekers and students a shipload of free resources to choose from.

You can learn everything from learning about the Company, internship focused questions, Advanced interview questions, and Top topics you must always watch out for in an Interview.

Learn more about Geeksforgeeks here –

4. Leetcode

Leetcode is the best resource for job seekers in tech Industries.  They have a thriving community with more than 1600 questions for you to practice. Leetcode also conducts contests and Challenges to help the top performers find Jobs in top Businesses in the Tech Domain.

Learn more about Leetcode here –

5. Gainlo

Gainlo stands out from the rest of the Websites in this list, as they offer Mock Interviews to potential Jobseekers. These Mock Interviews are conducted by experienced professionals working in top names like Google, Amazon, and Linkedin.

As a bonus, they also offer you feedback after the Mock Interviews, helping you spot the mistakes and prevent them in Real Interviews.

Learn More about Gainlo here –!/

6. Careercup

Careercup is the beefed-up version of Gainlo, as they offer recordings of Real interviews along with Mock Interviews for yourself. Their website also has hundreds of educational resources in the forms of Books and Videos, allowing Jobseekers to stand out in Interviews.

Careercup was founded by Gayle Lakkman who has previously worked with the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Learn More about Careercup here –

7. Codercareer

Codecareer Academy is something that does what its name implies. It trains Jobseeker on basic and Advanced Concepts of Web Development and Coding. 

Learn more about Codecareer here –

8) ZetyBlog

Zetyblog is a great resource to learn more about job interviews and how the process takes place. They look at Jobs and Hiring from a totally different perspective giving you insights on how you can also get your dream Job, by thinking out of the box.

Learn more about ZetyBlog here –

9. InterviewBest

InterviewBest helps Job Seekers build a Professional Job Interview Presentation ( First of a Kind ) that you can show to your Interviewer. The idea of InterviewBest is to develop a Custom Document that will have the answers to all the questions your interviewer would want to know about you.

Learn more about InterviewBest here –

10. Indiabix

Indiabix is the biggest Resource on this list as it offers Jobseeker with all the answers they need to know about the interview. Indiabix also has resources on Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Quantitative aptitude, etc.

All these characteristics make Indiabix the best resource for all types of jobseekers out there.

Learn more about Indiabix here –

Final Notes

Always remember that the Job Markets are ever-changing and can be unpredictable. The best you can do is keep learning new skills and apply it in your Jobs.

I hope this Detailed list of Resources will help you Land your Favourite Job with ease.

Happy Learning!

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