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Blockchain technology is the hot trending topic in IT currently, and there are a lot of good reasons for the same. The growing demand for blockchain professionals is the best example of proving the fact that blockchain is indeed the technology of the future. Therefore, many aspiring professionals are looking for the best blockchain certifications to prove their skills in this futuristic domain. 

One of the notable platforms all over the world, known to every blockchain professional, is Blockchain Council. The platform features an evangelical approach to blockchain research and education. However, many beginners in the world of blockchain are worried about the prospects they can find with Blockchain Council. So, the following discussion outlines a credible Blockchain Council review with a detailed focus on its capabilities and success stories. 

What is Blockchain Council?

First of all, let us start the Blockchain Council review by outlining an introduction to the platform. According to the official website of Blockchain Council, it is an authoritative group of subject matter experts and blockchain enthusiasts. The primary objective of the platform is to increase awareness regarding blockchain research and development, use cases of blockchain technology, and the products and knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem. 

Blockchain Council strongly affirms and believes in the fact that blockchain is beyond the margins of any common technology we encounter today. The platform provides an ideal environment for raising awareness regarding blockchain technology among developers, enterprises, and the general public for leveraging the maximum potential of blockchain technology. With the strength of more than 1500 members spanning across more than 90 countries, Blockchain Council is the de-facto private organization working specifically on developing blockchain technology worldwide. 

Role-Specific Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain Council works on its mission of fostering blockchain education and research through a comprehensive focus on blockchain certifications. Any Blockchain Council review would be incomplete without the mention of blockchain certifications. The blockchain certifications offered by Blockchain Council are tailored specifically for helping individuals who aspire to build a career in blockchain. 

Blockchain certifications on Blockchain Council help develop comprehensive knowledge regarding the core concepts evident in the blockchain landscape. At the same time, candidates can use the Blockchain Council certifications for building the foundation of lucrative careers in the field of blockchain.

Interestingly, Blockchain Council certifications focus on different blockchain specializations, including smart contracts, Hyperledger, Quorum, and Corda. Furthermore, the certifications of Blockchain Council also emphasize the applications of blockchain in industries such as digital marketing, healthcare, supply chain, and others. Most important of all, Blockchain Council offers tailored training programs for ensuring the success of candidates in its certification exams.

Let us take a look at the notable blockchain certifications offered on Blockchain Council – 

Certified Blockchain Expert

The Certified Blockchain Expert or CBE certification program by Blockchain Council features a comprehensive training program tailored specifically for the certification exam. The certification training course helps in developing a profound understanding of blockchain technology. The training course could also help in building skills for developing blockchain-centric applications for businesses. 

Certified Blockchain Developer

The Certified Blockchain Developer or CBD certification by Blockchain Council features comprehensive training on blockchain fundamentals. Interestingly, the orientation of fundamental topics covered in this certification training course turns towards the difference of blockchain from conventional technologies. 

Also, candidates could get the opportunity to learn about consensus mechanisms and blockchain terminology. Furthermore, the certification also focuses on different enterprise blockchain platforms used by developers such as Ethereum, Corda, Stellar, and Hyperledger. The most striking topic covered in the Certified Blockchain Developer certification by Blockchain Council is multichain. 

Certified Blockchain Architect

The Certified Blockchain Architect or CBA certification is also one of the important mentions in every Blockchain Council review. The certification training course helps in developing a comprehensive understanding and exposure to the blockchain landscape. The training course with Certified Blockchain Architect certification improves the capabilities of candidates for leveraging their expertise to round up on critical decisions regarding blockchain projects.

Candidates can also develop expertise for designing guidelines and structure for the blockchain system according to system requirements. The important topics in this certification training course focus on basics of blockchain architecture and tools needed for blockchain architecture. Candidates can also discover insights on developing their network nodes and architecture of their blockchain solutions. 

Certifications for Blockchain Specializations

Apart from these certifications, Blockchain Council review also draws attention towards the certifications for various blockchain specializations. The specialization-oriented certifications are great tools for blockchain professionals to ascertain their credibility for driving additional business value.

Here is a list of the various blockchain specialization certifications available on Blockchain Council –

  • Certified Corda Expert
  • Certified Corda Architect
  • Certified Smart Contract Developer
  • Certified Bitcoin Expert
  • Certified Ethereum Expert
  • Certified Solidity Developer
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Trader
  • Certified Hyperledger Expert
  • Certified Hyperledger Developer

Does Blockchain Council Help?

The success stories of many qualified professionals who have leveraged Blockchain Council and its certification present Blockchain Council review positively. The benefits of the certifications on Blockchain Council have helped professionals familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of blockchain technology comprehensively. 

Candidates have been able to develop hands-on experience and practical expertise for development of blockchain applications and infrastructure. Most important of all, the professional support of experts and world-class training with Blockchain Council certification courses has provided career advantages. 

The most striking advantage of Blockchain Council certifications directly refers to the facility of professional networking opportunities. Blockchain Council is recognized as a global leader in blockchain education and research. This works in favor of certified candidates for developing their professional contacts in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Council Feedbacks – Trustpilot

Blockchain Council Feedbacks


Taking this forex trading course has been very worth while, and very good value for money. I love the way they explains everything in simple terms and doesnt try to overload you with nonsense, confidently and slowly learning more and more each day with on going support+ 1 – 8 05 707 2 005 – Tony Carvajal

Great learning platform!! I would definitely recommend the Blockchain council, as they have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the specified training courses. – Shelly Bannon

This is the best platform to learn about blockchain technology and technology. Thank you blockchain council to guide me and give the right way to my professional life and career thank you – Richerd Jons

Apart from Blockchain Council, 101 Blockchains is one of the leading Blockchain certifications and courses providers. If you want to know more about 101 Blockchains, here is the 101 Blockchains Review.


As you can notice, the above-mentioned Blockchain Council review sheds light on features that validate the popularity of Blockchain Council. With its origins tracing back to 2017, Blockchain Council has emerged as one of the top priorities for blockchain certification. The focus of the platform solely on blockchain technology and the expert team of instructors and subject matter experts double up the credibility of Blockchain Council. 

Furthermore, aspiring candidates also can witness and observe the success stories of various blockchain professionals who used Blockchain Council. If you want to build a career in blockchain, then start exploring the offerings of Blockchain Council right now!    

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