Edureka: Everything you wanted to know before getting started


Edureka is a leading online learning platform that offers certifications and training courses. Edureka online courses have been the most sought after learning platform by working professionals. Edureka’s review shows that working professionals are able to upskill themselves using these courses and certifications.

The best part about Edureka platform is their learning services are available round the clock with constant training and the customer support.  This particular feature makes it special from others who offers online learning programs.

Why Edureka is the Best?

Apart form Edureka, there are many online training providers worldwide but Edureka is the best. Let’s see some key pointers that makes Edureka one of the best online course provider.

1. An Exhaustive list of training and certifications

The list of Edureka’s training and certifications is bigger.  These training and certification courses are not only for hottest technology but also they provide trainings in several portfolios and domains. These trainings are well suited both for professionals as well as corporates.

2. Latest Trainings

One look at the Edureka online courses will show you that they have trainings and certifications available in almost all the latest and the most in-demand technologies which include Azure, Cloud, Data Science, Big Data and DevOps among others.

3. Regularly updated inventory

Whenever you’ll check Edureka’s site, you will get some new trainings and certification courses. It’s because, the team behind Edureka is relentlessly working towards adding more and more trainings on a regular basis. There is rarely a training that is not available on their website. This is what makes Edureka one of the most preferred online trainers in the e-learning market today.

4. Ease of use of the portal

The website itself is very simple and easy to understand. It is very easy to get the details about any course you want along with the detailed syllabus which will help you decide with clarity whether the training would be beneficial to you or not.

5. Happy Users

Edureka’s reviews are very positive. It means people are able to benefit immensely from these trainings. Many have moved up the ladder and many more have been able to successfully upskill themselves in a very short period of time with the Edureka online courses.

How does it work and benefit you?

Now that we have discussed how Edureka is the industry leader in online trainings and certifications, the next question you may have in your mind is how it will be beneficial for you? How does this work? What will happen if I do not complete the training? Will I be able to implement the learnings in my projects? And so many more.

Big Data Masters

We try to answer these questions in this section. There are several steps involved in any Edureka online courses that you decide to enroll for. Let us look at those first.

1. Once you decide to start off with Edureka, they will begin by assigning you a learning manager, who is also like our old school Principal. They will help you get the right courses, help to keep you on track and send you regular reminders too. You can talk to them anytime to get your doubts clarified regarding anything related to the Edureka online courses.

2. The online course will be a live session with screen sharing options. You can take the sessions from your laptop or on-the-go on your smartphones as well. You can get your doubts clarified there and then or even after the session. The best part is if you miss a session also you are covered. You will be provided with a link to the video recording of the session. You may clarify doubts if any in the next live class.

3. A learning repository is the main source of your information. It is like an online library for you which is available to you 24/7 throughout your life, once you enroll for a training or certification course. This repository has a lot of information in the form of recorded sessions, presentations and other reading material related to the course for which you have enrolled.

4. Assignments and Quiz: There are regular assignments and quizzes during the sessions and in between the sessions to keep you on track and to make you practice what you are learning. If you face any issues while accessing these course materials you can always reach out to Edureka customer supportwhich is available 24/7

5. Chance to interact with the Edureka learner’s community. You will have access to several topic-based forums and communities where you will be able to interact with people working in similar roles and facing similar problems too. This interaction will give you an insight into the problems faced by others and who they go about solving them too.

Well, with that I guess we have answered all the questions which you may have in your mind. So don’t wait further, go check the website and see which training and certification is best suited for you.

Edureka courses reviews

Edureka has been providing training to people for a very long time. Many people have benefited from these training which they can take at their own pace and comfort levels. Here is the people have to say about the Edureka online courses and training:

  • Trainers are highly qualified with extensive expertise in the area they are handling. Most of the trainers have hands-on industry knowledge which makes it more beneficial for the students as they are able to guide them on the real-time issues faced and the way to solve them
  • The Edureka online courses are designed and structured in a way to handle real-time scenarios and give the students some hands-on expertise where ever possible. This goes way beyond the bookish knowledge.
  • With the recorded training sessions made available, you can always go back to the training and refer them whenever it is needed.
  • The support team is always available to help and guide people. They are also available to help solve any issues or redirect you to the right person who can solve your problems

Edureka online courses are the next big thing in online training industry. They are gaining more popularity day by day as more people are switching to online options of upskilling themselves for better career opportunities. So, you too do have a look at their website, and who knows it could be the turning point in your career that you had been waiting for.


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