5 Tips to Pass Oracle Java Certifications

oracle java certification

Java is a widely used programming software and is preferred by a range of professional pertaining to Java development and Java programming. The IT industry has its backbone laid on the program as it helps a wide range of professions and it is also striving to get the best professionals to utilize the potentials of the software effectively.

To gain hands-on experience and solve tougher Java programs the professionals opt for Java certification through various institutions. The institutions impart knowledge about the software and before heading them the Java certifications it tests their skills to make sure they are industry ready to head on the competitive scenario.

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The need for Java certifications courses arose because it helped the professionals to prepare for the industry demands and eventually after the certification grab a job opportunity or progress further from their current profile. The Java certification preparation methodology can be tedious and in order to get certifications like Oracle Java certification, one has to be really good with their skillsets having enough knowledge about the subject.

In the competitive market, it is tough to gain java developer certification as the cut-off or the passing marks is really difficult to achieve. The Oracle’s Java Certification and the Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer certifications passing marks band reaches almost 65%. The individual needs to have in-depth knowledge and calibre to score well in the required examinations for certification.

Here are 5 Tips to Pass Oracle Java Certifications

1. Make Coding a Regular Habit:

Practice makes a man perfect is the cheat sheet.

This holds extremely true for coders and there has been no alternative found out for this until today. The habit of practicing coding daily would enhance the skills and that would eventually help in cracking difficult problems. The professional who is preparing to get a Java certification needs to practice daily if they want to crack OCPJP. The exam requires reading codes in limited time and to achieve that one has to be really quick. The examination tests the professionals if they are able to spot different kinds of error in the coding script and understand the modifications required.

The practice of coding daily would make them able to write codes which are clean and error-free, this is mostly sought from the professionals to save time by the industrialists.

2. Take advantage of distance learning

The professional work hard for getting a java developer certification and there are a bunch of good online courses which are offered through multiple websites. These websites aid professionals to quickly learn the basics of Java programming in order to crack the java certification examinations easily.

The platforms also provide professionals with an opportunity to interact with industry experts who have vast experience in the field of Java Programming. Websites like Whizlabs provide courses to help the professionals crack OCAJP examinations which are considered to be one of the toughest examinations.

3. Understand the Theory of Java Programming

Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] Practice Tests

The basic requirement of Java Programming is to understand the given criteria and code accordingly. The Java certifications provided to the professionals help them gauge their knowledge on the subject. The preparation of OCAJP 7 or OCAJP 8 would require sound knowledge as well as quick decision making powers to crack the codes and find errors in it.

There are multiple books available which can help in learning the theory behind the Java Programming and help in cruising through the certification programs smoothly. Some of the important books which can be referred are OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Guide by Mala Gupta and Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer Exam 1Z0–809 By Ganesh, Hari, and Tushar.

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4. Simulate the exam while you are preparing

The professionals can opt for exam simulators available online to check their level of knowledge and understand the loopholes. The simulators provide them with the exact environment as that of a java certification examination and help the professionals to get accustomed to the scenario. This reduces the chance of panicking and helps in avoiding the unnecessary hassle of going through the different procedures of examination. These can be tried to increase the score and help in boosting the marks. Whizlabs provides different types of simulators for the examination which has complete test scenarios that too available at discounts to make you exam ready.

5. Keep yourself updated

One of the key things to keep in mind is to keep yourself updated with the latest programming updates and key features of Java programming. The software is getting upgraded frequently to meet the industry demands and professionals are required to keep up with the pace. The can practice updated mock tests and go through different test series available online which can help them improvise their time management and increase the accuracy.

The process of Java certification is difficult but there is always a way out if you work hard. These tips will eventually help you gain a holistic knowledge about the Java programming language and also help you gauge the knowledge through various methodologies. In order to be successful one has to be at the edge of working hard and smart. These methods can help you do that easily.


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