How to Start Freelancing Career With No Experience

freelancing career
freelancing career

A freelancing career is a great decision. Just like entrepreneurs, freelancers are directing their own path of success by focusing on improvising their skills into a professional route. Such people with the freelancing idea decide to work under no firm or organization and work at their own pace.

Freelancers are not abided by any organizational rules but are only specifically destined to obey the project-oriented guidelines stated by the clients. People are well aware of the efficacies associated with freelancing, but there are many beginners who are unaware of where to begin.

In this article, you will know about the right ways of how to start freelancing without having any prior experience.

Ways to Adopt for Starting a Freelancing Career with No Experience!

Follow on these below-mentioned ways to ensure that you are approaching your freelancing career in the right manner:

Start a Blogging platform of your Own

The first step that you can implement on your journey to become a fresh freelancer is starting your own blog. If your freelancing skills lie around offering writing services or website management roles, it is highly recommended that you start a blogging platform of your own.

You can prepare a blogging website and gain an idea of what to write, how to manage, how to rank, and other such infused digital marketing terms. This tip is for the people who have no work experience before commencing with the idea of freelancing.

You will be able to learn some new skills, and your blogging website will act as your portfolio or a resume for the clients.

Prepare Sample Works

Irrespective of the type of service that you want to offer, it is important that you showcase a piece of sample to your clients in order to help them get an idea about your proficiency. Therefore, if you have no work experience to strengthen your proposal to the client, it is better to prepare some good work samples.

If you are willing to be a freelancer anytime sooner, this is the extra effort you need to make to get good and high-paying clients. This works in all freelancing fields! Whether you are a website developer or a freelance writer, you need to prepare appealing samples to seal the project to your name.

Free Work or Low-Pay Works Are Good for Initial Days

Freelancing has a lot of competition in the market, as of today! Therefore, it is important for you to understand that you might have to work for low pay-outs or even for free in the initial days. It will help you build a rapport with clients, and with quality work, they will increase your pay-out eventually.

You should not expect to start earning a huge amount of money right from the start! High-paying freelance jobs are for people who have quite a lot of experience in their respective fields. Therefore, it is important that you intend to gain experience in the beginning and know the field, rather than aiming to earn big money.

However, it doesn’t mean that you lack any skill for which you have to charge less for the services. It is just that, in the world of freelancing, the portfolio is what gets you the job. Moreover, it would be best if you start to deliver services for free or for low pay. It is an advantageous move for sure!


Expand your Networking & Connections

When you have your portfolio, profile, and sample work ready, you can go ahead and make sure to start networking with people around you to make connections and reach out to potential clients. For beginners, it might be a bit difficult to look out for clients.

However, if you are approaching through the right platforms, you might click your first project easily and improve your career growth.

Check on the reputed freelance websites or platforms such as Upwork,, Elance, and others to look for clients and works. Get your leads and drop cold emails, as that is what you should do to reach out to active clients. Do not fear a NO! it is the rule of any business to never get demotivated for a NO.

The worst thing that can happen to you in the pursuit of seeking clients is receiving a NO! But, you need to get over that fear of losing clients and focus on delivering quality to the one that said YES! It is because, once the client approves and praises your work, he/she would return to you for the next project. Moreover, this is how you can build your strong client base.

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So, these are the ways using which you can start your freelancing career without any experience beforehand. You need to understand that there are loads of people out there who are trying to get into freelance careers. But, most of them back out just because they do not have the right guidance.

If you have a good amount of skills in any field and want to be a freelancer, rather than being in a job, start your journey today!



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