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top tech skills

This is the age of the Internet where tech Skills are of high Demand. Thousands of Businesses and Startups are popping up in the Tech Space every Single Day and this has paved the way for tons of Jobs in this Space.

But even with many jobs available, businesses are failing to acquire the right talent due to Jobseeker’s neglect of Upskilling themselves in Certain Areas.

So I decided to put together a List of tech Skills that will help Jobseekers land high paying Jobs in 2020 and Beyond.

10 most in-demand Tech skills for 2020

1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the art of training  AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) to learn from experience and take over repeating processes. This Skill requires a High level of Focus, as it needs you to work with AI to amplify or decrease human participation in processes.

You can learn more about Machine Learning here:

2. Mobile App Development

If you are Currently reading this over a Mobile phone, you will understand the importance of Smartphones in our Daily Life. Even if you’re not reading this from a Smartphone, I am pretty sure that everyone you know has a Smartphone.

Mobile Applications are gradually becoming a favourite for Businesses and Startups, as they develop their Brand Awareness and help them Bring in More Customers.

If you’re looking to Learn more about Mobile Application Development, Check this out:

3. SEO/SEM Marketing

The internet is the Standard medium through which businesses are done in this age. But Search Engines like Google and Bing serve as the tools to help businesses and startups reach their customers.

Nowadays Business owners are looking for Tech-Savvy SEO/SEM marketing experts who can help users reach their Websites on Search Engines.

If you are looking to learn the basics of SEO and SEM, Check this out

4. Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the art of converting data into the visual format with the help of elements like Graphs, Charts, Maps, etc.

Businesses are always on the Look for data specialists who can derive meaningful results out of Millions of data. This helps them make informed business decisions for the future.

If you are looking to learn more about Data Visualization, Check this out:

5. Data Engineering

Data Engineering is a Job that Builds the bridge between Data Scientists and the Loads of Data available out there. 

In simple words, Data Engineers take available data in all forms and convert them into usable formats. Data Engineers help Data Scientists make better decisions with the available Data.

To learn more about Data Engineering, Check this out :

6. UI/UX Design

We live In a World where Businesses are required to have a stellar online presence. Everything from the websites to your Applications requires design. They also require someone to check the user Experience of the User.

This is where UI and UX designers come into play. They help businesses build a Streamlined and customer-focused online presence.

If you are passionate about Building better designs with Stellar user Experience, Check this out:

7. Cyber-security

As we have mentioned more than once, businesses are forced to shift themselves over the Internet. This doesn’t just limit to customers, as organizations now use databases and servers, to store their customers and Business data.

Storing Data in servers and accessing it with the power of the Internet, leaves a serious Concern for Data Security.

This is where Cybersecurity experts help businesses safeguard their data from potential threats and Hackers.

If you are interested to learn more about Cybersecurity, check this out:

8. Cloud Computing/AWS

Cloud Computing allows businesses to save money on Data Storage and Management costs. With cloud Computing solutions like AWS, businesses can reduce their costs for IT Infrastructure.

AWS is one of the leading providers of Cloud-based services in the World. They have their own courses that will help you become cloud Architects.

If you want to learn more, check this out:

9. Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that uses a Decentralized network to allow safe transfer of funds. The power of Blockchain lies in its Online Ledger based approach that allows the safe transfer of funds ( AKA Cryptocurrency ).

If you are Interested in Blockchain, you can learn more about it here:

10. IoT

IoT is just a collection of objects that have sensors and are connected over a Network. The Sensors collect data and help businesses automate their tasks. All the data is calculated in Real-Time and this improves the Efficiency of processes while reducing Human Errors.

If you wish to learn more about IoT, check here:

Final Notes

Always remember that the Job Markets are ever-changing and can be unpredictable. The best you can do is keep learning top tech skills and apply them in your Jobs.

I hope this Detailed list of Resources will help you Land your Favourite Job with ease.

Happy Learning!

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