Top Ways to Buy Bitcoin in India Safely and Legally

buy bitcoin in india

Bitcoins have become the most trending digital currency in recent times. While the demand for Bitcoins has increased like never before, some people still find it challenging when it comes to how to buy bitcoin in India. Well, buying Bitcoins was actually a bit difficult a few years back. However, things have changed a lot with time. Buying a digital currency is very easy now.

If you are a newbie to the world of bitcoin, here are some of the top ways in which you can buy Bitcoins safely and legally.

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How to buy Bitcoin in India Safely and Legally

Apps and Websites

One of the easiest and convenient way to buy Bitcoin online is by using different apps and websites. You can easily find a long list of verified Bitcoin exchange apps and websites to buy digital currency. Some of the most widely used apps are UnoCoin, Zebpay, and CoinSecure. Zebpay exchange has an iPhone and Android app that enables you to easily link your bank account and make quick transfers. By making a payment to the bank account of Zebpay, you can easily buy Bitcoins.

With the use of UnoCoin, you can also conveniently trade Bitcoins. It enables you to buy, store, sell, accept, as well as use Bitcoin. If you are looking for more exchange places, you can easily find them on the website. Here you can get comprehensive and detailed insights into different apps and websites that will allow you to buy Bitcoin. While choosing a Bitcoin exchange, make sure to select the right one on the basis of factors like ease of use, the fee charged on sale and purchase of cryptocurrency, and others. 

P2P Directory

Ever heard of the P2P directory? Well, the P2P directory refers to the Peer to Peer directory that is another popular way of buying Bitcoin in India. The P2P directories are the different peered websites and apps that are connected to different organizations. These organizations may charge a certain amount of service fees in order to ensure easy trade connections with the different cryptocurrency organizations. 

The P2P directory allows the different Bitcoin users to easily check the prices of the digital currency and accordingly make a purchase. As an online trader, you first have to link your bank account with the P2P directory. Then you will have to upload your money and then effectively start trading. 

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Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is another significant way in which you can buy Bitcoin in India. The Bitcoin ATM works exactly like the regular ATMs of different banks. The Bitcoin ATM allows Bitcoin owners to easily buy and sell Bitcoins in a hassle-free manner. Using these ATMs, you can not only be able to withdraw any amount of money but also easily deposit money.

The official website of Bitcoin allows the people interested in trading Bitcoin to easily find a Bitcoin ATM in their nearby location. Simply, by using the interactive maps, you can find your closest Bitcoin ATM and start trading immediately.

Final Notes

These are the most popular and reliable ways to buy Bitcoin online. Bitcoin is increasingly becoming prominent as a consistent and sustainable payment system. Digital currency enables you to transfer value in much less time from anywhere to anywhere. Now that buying Bitcoins has become legal in India, more and more people are interested in knowing the different ways to buy Bitcoin.

Using any of the above-mentioned methods, you can start trading Bitcoins. Make sure to understand each of the ways properly and make the right choice according to your convenience. Investing in Bitcoins can provide you with amazing returns. Start trading now.


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