AWS vs Azure vs Google – Detailed Cloud Comparison

aws vs azure vs google

The competition among the top three players of the public cloud service market, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is very fierce. All three platforms have formidable efficiency in the provision of IaaS and PaaS solutions, thereby keeping the AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud debate running. The impact of this debate extends to a wide range of target audiences. Enterprises have to choose the ideal public cloud service platform according to their requirements.

In addition, candidates aspiring for cloud-based jobs are confused in AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud jobs. Furthermore, the debate also fosters ambiguity while selecting professional cloud certifications for a career in cloud computing. So, let us find out the important pointers in the comparison between AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

AWS vs Azure vs Google – Growth in Market Share

First of all, it is clearly evident that Amazon is a dominant player in the public cloud market. With almost 33% share of the worldwide market and a continuously sustained growth, Amazon is rightly at the top of other public cloud companies. On the contrary, the second entrant in AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud comparison i.e. Azure has depicted formidable growth in recent years.

Microsoft Azure’s market share is presently at 18%, after a promising increase by three percentage points throughout the last four quarters. The dominance of Google Cloud in the public cloud market is becoming slowly visible, especially with its focus on artificial intelligence.

With the long term expectations of a potential rise in the adoption of machine learning and AI, Google Cloud can emerge out as a promising alternative in the public cloud market. In addition, Google Cloud is also offering promising discounts that increase its appeal for startups and small and medium enterprises.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Availability

In terms of availability zones, AWS is known as the earliest player in the field of cloud thereby having its own wide network. AWS hosts multiple locations worldwide and so do Azure and GCP. The difference in AWS vs Azure vs GCP, in this case, arises primarily on the basis of the number of availability zones.

AWS had a headstart in establishing and expanding its network of data centers. Therefore, it has 66 availability zones all over the world and it would soon introduce 12 more AZs. Microsoft Azure comes in second in terms of the number of availability zones providing availability across 140 countries worldwide.

It presently has 54 AZs, thereby providing tough competition to AWS. Google Cloud is clearly lagging behind in terms of availability zones with 20 regions around the world. Presently, it is working on the introduction of 3 additional availability zones.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Clientele

It is also important to look at the clients who use these platforms to clear doubts on AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud certification. Candidates aspiring for cloud computing careers can find out the feasible career opportunities in the industry of their choice. AWS is the starting entrant in the public cloud market and has increased its customer based and community support by huge margins over the years.

Therefore, it has some of the notable names in its clientele such as Netflix, MI, BMW, Airbnb, Samsung, Unilever, and others. Azure has recently shown promising growth in its market share by acquiring some high-profile names in its business portfolio. As a matter of fact, almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure.

Some of the names in its clientele include Apple, Fujifilm, HP, Polycom, and Honeywell. However, the most surprising feature in the case of clientele and associated career opportunities is Google Cloud. Google Cloud has the distinction of sharing the same infrastructure as Google Online Search and YouTube.

Therefore, many prominent names in the business world have entrusted their cloud operations to Google Cloud. You can explore Google Cloud’s clientele to find prominent names such as PayPal, Dominos, Bloomberg, 20th Century Fox, and HSBC.

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Pricing

The final aspect in the comparison between AWS, Azure and Google Cloud is AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud pricing. In terms of pricing, AWS provides very competitive pricing due to rising competition and complexity in cost structures.

Microsoft Azure is following discounts and credits for existing and new customers for its pricing model. Google Cloud is also favorable in terms of pricing just like Azure, with the additional facility of automatic discount options.

Are You Ready to Choose?

So, after looking at the above-mentioned factors, you can clearly notice the differences in AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud. Presently, AWS is the dominating player in the public cloud market. However, the two challengers are rapidly gaining momentum with specially timed strategies and product development.

AWS presently has a formidable network and undeniably it would continue to expand in the near future. However, the future also looks at innovation. With Google Cloud driving its emphasis on AI and machine learning, you can explore more career and business opportunities.

Take a detailed overview of all the services offered by these three public cloud vendors in different categories. Start exploring more to find the right public cloud platform!


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