Microsoft Azure Certification path in 2021

Azure Certification Path

Aspiring to build a successful career in Microsoft Azure? Check out what’s there for you in the Azure certification path!

Cloud Computing is one of the Hottest Domains for entrepreneurs and businessmen, as experts claim that the industry can reach a Staggering $167 billion by the end of 2020. It is safe to say that Cloud Computing has effectively changed the way businesses and their consumers’ store, access, and manage their Data.

But how do you master the art of cloud computing and streamline all the processes with ease?

This is where Cloud services providers like Microsoft Azure play a vital role. Microsoft has designed specific certifications that help cloud professionals to get ahead in their career with Microsoft Azure. 

In this article, we will discuss Microsoft Azure’s Certification path and how it helps professionals.

What is the Role-based azure certification path?

Azure Certification Path

In 2018, Microsoft Azure introduced major changes to its Microsoft Azure certification path and named it as the ‘ Modern Era of technology ‘. This Major shift focused the certifications to a Role-based approach.

Role-Based Azure certification would make sure that every organization could hire a certified professional to take care of all the services they rent or acquire from Microsoft Azure. This would allow them to spend less time in training and enable them to allow new hires to start working on the services and needs of the organization immediately.

The Microsoft Azure certification path has changed the way Organizations hire IT professionals to take care of their technical needs. In short, this certification list is a gamechanger for Fortune 500’s and MNCs.

List of Role-based Azure Certifications

The three levels of Microsoft Azure certification include the fundamentals, associate, and expert levels. Readers could find that each certification is ideal for a particular job role. The job roles that are the central focus on the new azure certification model are as follows.

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • Azure IoT Developer
  • Azure Architect for SAP Workloads

The remaining part of this discussion would focus on presenting detailed information about the certification path for each job role. Readers could find out important details such as prerequisites, registration fees, and topics covered in different domains of the exam. 

Let’s take a look at all the Roles and the certifications that need to be completed by the professional seeking that role.

Azure Fundamentals:

Azure Fundamentals is the Foundational level of the certifications. This Level gives professionals a basic idea of all the services offered by Microsoft Azure.

Certification for Clearing Azure Fundamentals – 

  1. AZ 900 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

AZ 900 is considered to be the primary level of exams both in the Associate level and expert level Azure certifications path. Even though this exam can be Skipped, having knowledge about the basics can help you in the long run.

Domains Covered in AZ 900

Here is an outline of the domains covered in the AZ-900 exam in the new Azure certification path. 

Understanding cloud concepts (15-20%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Benefits and considerations of using cloud services 
  • Differences between public, private, and hybrid cloud models
  • Differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS service models

Understanding core Azure services (30-35%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Core Azure architectural components.
  • Core Azure products.
  • Available Azure solutions.
  • Azure management tools.

Understanding security, privacy, compliance, and trust (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Security of network connectivity on Azure.
  • Core Azure Identity services.
  • Azure security tools and features.
  • Azure governance methodologies.
  • Monitoring and reporting alternatives on Azure.
  • Privacy, compliance, and data protection standards on Azure.

Understanding Azure pricing and support (20-25%)

Topics covered in this domain of the fundamental Microsoft Azure certification are:                        

  • Azure subscriptions.
  • Cost planning and management.
  • Available support options with Azure.
  • Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Azure service lifecycle.

Cost For Completion of AZ 900: $99 

Azure Administrator Associate

Responsibilities for this role include implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment, plus provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources, when needed.

An Azure Administrator Associate is responsible for Implementing and managing virtual networks in a cloud environment. This Level requires just one certification for qualification – AZ 104.

Certifications for Clearing Azure Administrator Associate

The Azure Certification path to get the Azure Administrator Associate badge requires just one Certification.

  1. AZ 104 – Microsoft Azure Administrator

AZ 104 is the only required certificate to pass as an Azure administrator associate. When you complete that certificate, you are immediately allocated the badge of Azure administrator Associate.

Domains Covered in AZ 104

The domains covered in the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 certification exam are as follows.

Management of Azure Identities and Governance (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Management of Azure Active Directory (AD) objects
  • Management of role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Management of subscriptions and governance

Implementation and Management of Storage (10% to 15%)

The topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Management of storage accounts
  • Management of data in Azure Storage
  • Configuration of Azure files and Azure blob storage

Deployment and Management of Azure Compute Resources (25% to 30%)

Topics covered in this domain of AZ-104 exam are as follows,

  • Configuration of VMs for higher availability and scalability
  • Automation of deployment and configuration of VMs
  • Creation and configuration of VMs
  • Creation and configuration of containers
  • Creation and configuration of Web Apps

Configuration and Management of Virtual Networking (30% to 35%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Implementation and management of virtual networking
  • Configuration of name resolution
  • Securing access to virtual networks
  • Configuration of load balancing
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting virtual networking
  • Integration of on-premises network with Azure virtual network

Monitoring and Back up Azure Resources (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Monitoring resources through Azure Monitor
  • Implementation of backup and recovery

Cost for completion of AZ 104: $165

Azure Developer Associate

The Azure Developer Associate is responsible for managing all phases of cloud development including design, deployment, maintenance, and performance monitoring. An Azure developer associate works with cloud architects, DBA’s and  administrators to create and implement cloud-based solutions

Certifications for Acquiring Azure Developer Associate

The Azure Certification Path for acquiring an Azure Developer Associate Badge requires you to work on one certification AZ 204.

  1. AZ 204 – Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure beta exam

Az 204 serves as the new standard for Azure cloud developers, especially for the one’s looking to broaden their expertise in different phases of developing cloud solutions.

Domains covered in AZ 204 :

The domains covered in the AZ-204 Azure certification exam are as follows.

Development of Azure Compute Solutions (25% to 30%)

Topics covered in this domain include, 

  • Implementation of IaaS solutions
  • Creation of Azure App Service Web Apps

Implementation of Azure functions

Development for Azure storage (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Development of solutions using Cosmos DB storage
  • Development of solutions using blob storage

Implementation of Azure Security (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Implementation of user authentication and authorization 
  • Implementation of secure cloud solutions

Monitoring, troubleshooting and Optimization of Azure Solutions (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Integration of caching and content delivery in solutions
  • Instrumentation of solutions to enable support for monitoring and logging

Connecting to and Consumption of Azure Services and Third-Party Services (25% to 30%)

The topics covered in this domain include the following,

  • Development of an App Service Logic App
  • Implementation of API management
  • Development of event-based solutions
  • Development of message-based solutions 

Cost of Completion of AZ 204: $165

Azure AI engineer associate

The Azure AI Engineer Associate badge is one of the latest additions of the Azure qualifications. This certification was created to meet the growing needs of AI engineers in the Azure services. 

This gives the professional an idea of creating an end to end system Azure solutions using the power of AI. Moreover, this badge helps the student understand the working of AI in Microsoft Azure and help them collaborate with Ai developers and Data Scientists to create efficient solutions.

Certifications for Acquiring the badge of Azure AI Engineer Associate :

The azure Certification path for Acquiring the Azure AI Engineer Associate badge requires the completion of just 1 certification exam – AI 100.

  1. AI 100 – Designing and implementing an Azure AI solution

AI 100 is the only prerequisite for acquiring your Azure AI Engineer Associate Badge. This certification exam contains a list of Scenario and case study based questions.

Domains Covered in AI 100 :

The domains covered in the Azure AI engineer associate certification exam are as follows.

Analysis of solution requirements (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Recommendation of Cognitive Services APIs for addressing business requirements.
  • Mapping security requirements to processes, tools, and technologies.
  • Selection of software, storage, and services for supporting a solution.

Designing AI solutions (40-45%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Designing solutions including one or more pipelines.
  • Designing solutions that use Cognitive Services.
  • Designing solutions that implement Bot Framework.
  • Designing compute infrastructure for supporting a solution.
  • Designing for conditions of data governance, security, compliance, and integrity.

Implementing and monitoring AI solutions (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Implementation of an AI workflow.
  • Integration of AI services in solution components.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the AI environment.

Cost for completion of AI 100: $165

Optional Certification – AI 900 ( Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals )

This certification is still in the Beta version and is still not a prerequisite for acquiring the badge of Azure AI Engineer Associate. This certification aimed to impart common knowledge on how to work with ML and AI-based Workloads in Microsoft Azure.

Cost For Completion of AI 900: $99

Azure data scientist associate

Azure Data Scientist Associate badge allows the student to implement working models for Data modeling and workloads on the Azure AI. Azure Data Scientist Associate exams also allow the person to design predictive models for machine learning.

Certification for Acquiring Badge of Azure Data Scientist Associate:

The Azure Certification List for acquiring the Data Scientist Associate requires just one certification – DP 100.  Once the student completes this essential certification, he is given with Azure Data Scientist Associate Badge.

  1. DP 100 – Designing and Implementing a Data Science solution in Azure 

DP 100 is the only prerequisite for getting certified as an azure Data Scientist Associate. Moreover, this exam was revamped on January 22, 2020, making it one of the most trending certification exams in the Microsoft Azure Certification path.

Domains Covered in DP 100 :

The domains in the DP-100 certification exam for the role of Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate are as follows,

Setting up an Azure Machine Learning Workspace (30-35%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Creation of an Azure Machine Learning Workspace.
  • Management of data objects in an Azure Machine Learning Workspace.
  • Management of experiment compute contexts.

Running experiments and training models (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Creation of models through Azure Machine Learning Designer.
  • Running training scripts in Azure Machine Learning Workspace.
  • Developing metrics from the experiment runs.
  • Automation of the model training process.

Optimization and management of models (20-25%)

Topics covered in this domain of the DP-100 azure certification exam include,

  • Utilizing Automated Machine Learning for the creation of optimal models.
  • Use of Hyperdrive to rune hyperparameters.
  • Using model explainers for interpretation of models.
  • Management of models.

Deployment and consumption of models (20-25%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Creation of production compute targets.
  • Deployment of a model as a service.
  • Creation of a pipeline for batch inferencing.
  • Publishing Designer pipelines as a web service.

Cost for Completion of DP 100: $165

Optional Certification – AI 900 (Microsoft Azure AI fundamentals)

This certification is still in the Beta version and is still not a prerequisite for acquiring the badge of Azure Data Scientist Associate. This certification aimed to impart common knowledge on how to work with ML and AI-based Workloads in Microsoft Azure.

Cost For Completion of AI 900: $99

Azure security engineer associate

An Azure Security Engineer Associate badge states your expertise in maintaining the security of cloud solutions in the Azure platform. These professionals also identify and eliminate various threats in the Cloud and Hybrid environments.

Certification for Acquiring badge of Azure Security Engineer Associate

The azure Certification list for Acquiring the Azure Security engineer Associate badge, requires just one certificate – AZ 500.

  1. AZ 500 – Microsoft Azure Security technologies

This certification is the only prerequisite for acquiring the badge of Azure Security Engineer Associate.

Domains Covered in AZ 500

The domains covered in this certification exam in the new azure certification path are as follows.

Identity and access management (20-25%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Configuration of Azure AD for workloads.
  • Configuration of Azure AD Privileged Identity Management.
  • Configuration of Azure tenant security.

Implementation of platform protection (35-40%)

The topics covered in this domain of AZ-500 exam in Microsoft azure certification path are: 

  • Implementation of network and host security.
  • Configuration of container security.
  • Implementation of Azure Resource management security.

Security operations management (15-20%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Configuration of security services and security policies.
  • Management of security alerts.

Security of data and applications (25-30%)

Topics covered in the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure certification exam are:

    • Configuration of security policies for data management.
    • Configuration of data infrastructure security.
    • Configuring Encryption for data at rest.
    • Configuration of application security.
    • Configuration and management of Key Vault.

Cost for Completion of AZ 500: $165

Azure data engineer associate

 This badge is for professionals looking to increase their expertise in Data management, Security, and privacy.

Certification for Acquiring Azure Data Engineer Associate

The Certification list for acquiring Azure Data Scientist associate badge requires two certificates as a prerequisite – DP 200 and DP 201.

  1. DP 200 – Implementing an Azure Data Solution

This serves as the supporting exam for DP 201 and is the first part of the process of acquiring the Azure Data Engineer Associate Badge.

Domains Covered in DP 200 

The domains covered in the DP-200 exam for Azure security engineer associate include:

Implementation of data storage solutions (40-45%)

Topics covered in this domain1 of the DP-200 exam in the new Azure certifications model are:

  • Implementation of non-relational and relational data stores.
  • Management of data security.

Management and development of data processing (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain of the DP-200 Microsoft azure certification exam are:      

  • Development of batch processing and streaming solutions.

Monitoring and optimizing data solutions (30-35%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Monitoring data storage and data processing.
  • Optimization of Azure data solutions.

Cost for Completion of DP 200: $165

  1. DP 201 – Designing an Azure Data Solution

 This is the second and final exam to acquire the badge of Azure Data Engineer Associate.

Domains Covered in DP 201

The domains covered in the DP-201 Microsoft Azure certification exam are as follows.

Designing Azure data storage solutions (40-45%)

Topics covered in this domain include:

  • Recommendation of an Azure data storage solution according to requirements.
  • Designing relational and non-relational cloud data stores.

Designing data processing solutions (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain include:

  • Designing batch processing and real-time processing solutions.

Designing for data security and compliance (25-30%)

Topics covered in this domain include:

  • Designing security for source data access and for data policies and standards.

Cost for Completion of DP 201: $165

Optional Certification – DP 900 ( Microsoft Azure data Fundamentals )

This Certification gives candidates the basic idea of working with Data on a Cloud platform. This is not a prerequisite for Acquiring Azure Data Engineer Associate badge in any way as this is still in the Beta Stage of Certifications.

Cost for Completion of DP 900 – $99

Azure database administrator associate

An Azure Database Administrator Associate badge would teach a person to monitor the performance and security of relational database solutions, that may be native to cloud or a hybrid of two platforms.

Certification for Acquiring Azure Database Administrator Associate

  1. DP 300 – Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure Exam

This is the go-to exam for Cloud-based database Administrators and database management Specialists.

Domains Covered in DP 300

The domains covered in the DP-300 certification exam are as follows,

Planning and Implementation of Data Platform Resources (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Deployment of resources by utilizing manual methods
  • Recommendation of appropriate database offering according to specific requirements
  • Configuration of resources for scalability and higher performance
  • Evaluation of strategy for migration to Azure
  • Implementation of a migration or upgrading strategy for moving to Azure

Implementation of a Secure Environment (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Configuration of database authentication by leveraging platform and database tools
  • Configuration of database authorization through using platform and database tools
  • Implementation of security for data at rest
  • Implementation of security for data in transit
  • Implementation of compliance controls for sensitive data

Monitoring and Optimization of Operational Resources (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain include,

  • Monitoring activity and performance
  • Implementation of performance-related maintenance tasks
  • Identification of performance-related issues
  • Configuration of resources for achieving optimal performance
  • Configuration of a user database for optimal performance

Optimization of Query Performance (5% to 10%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Reviewing query plans
  • Evaluation of performance improvements
  • Reviewing database table and index design

Performing Task Automation (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Creation of scheduled tasks
  • Evaluation and implementation of an alert and notification strategy
  • Management and automation of tasks in Azure

Planning and Implementation of a High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) Environment (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Recommendation of a HADR strategy for a particular data platform solution
  • Testing a HADR strategy by leveraging the platform, database and OS tools
  • Performing backup and restoration of a database by utilizing database tools
  • Configuration of DR by leveraging platform and database tools
  • Configuration of HA by leveraging the platform, database and OS tools

Performing Administration Tasks by Using T-SQL (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Examination of system health
  • Monitoring of database configuration by utilizing T-SQL
  • Performing backup and restoration of a database by using T-SQL
  • Management of authentication by using T-SQL
  • Management of authorization by using T-SQL  

Cost for Completion of DP 200: $165

Azure Architect for SAP workloads

An Azure Architect for SAP workloads badge gives Architects and engineers the ability to make recommendations and monitor the long term operation of SAP solutions.

Certification for Acquiring Azure Database Administrator Associate

  1. AZ 120 – Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads

This certification is stringent on checking the knowledge of Candidates related to long term operation of SAP workloads.

Domains Covered in AZ 120

The domains covered in the Microsoft Azure AZ-120 certification exam are as follows,

Migration of SAP Workloads to Azure (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Creation of an inventory of existing SAP landscapes
  • Designing a migration strategy

Designing an Azure Solution for Supporting SAP Workloads (20% to 25%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Designing a core infrastructure solution in Azure for supporting SAP workloads
  • Designing Azure infrastructure services for supporting SAP workloads
  • Designing a highly resilient Azure solution for supporting SAP workloads

Building and Deployment of Azure for SAP Workloads (35% to 40%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Automation of Virtual Machine (VM) deployment
  • Implementation and management of virtual networking
  • Management of access and authentication on Azure
  • Implementation and management of identities
  • Monitoring of SAP workloads on Azure

Validation of Azure Infrastructure for SAP Workloads (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Performing infrastructure validation check
  • Performing operational readiness verification

Operationalize Azure SAP Architecture (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Optimization of performance
  • Migration of SAP workloads to Azure

Cost for Completion of DP 120: $165

Azure IoT Developer

The Azure IoT developer badge gives professionals the knowledge to implement designs for Azure IoT solutions as well as one’s for managing, monitoring and transforming IoT related data pipelines.

Certification for Acquiring Azure IoT Developer Badge

  1. AZ 220 – Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Exam

This certification allows the developer to implement IoT solutions, as well as create the code needed for creating and maintaining the cloud aspects of all the IoT solutions.

Domains Covered in AZ 220

The domains covered in the AZ-220 certification exam are as follows,

Implementation of the IoT Solution Infrastructure (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Creation and configuration of an IoT hub  
  • Development of device messaging and communication
  • Configuration of physical IoT devices

Provisioning and Management of Devices (20% to 25%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Implementation of Device Provisioning Service 
  • Management of device lifecycle
  • Management of IoT devices by using IoT Hub
  • Develop a solution by leveraging IoT Central 

Implementation of Edge (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Setting up and deployment of an IoT Edge device
  • Development of modules
  • Configuration of an IoT Edge device

Processing and Management of Data (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Configuration of routing in Azure IoT Hub 
  • Configuration of stream processing
  • Configuration of an IoT solution for Time Series Insights (TSI) 

Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Optimization of IoT Solutions (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Configuration of health monitoring
  • Troubleshooting device communication
  • Performing end-to-end solution testing and diagnostics

Implementation of Security (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Implementation of device authentication in the IoT Hub
  • Implementation of device security by using DPS
  • Implementation of Azure Security Center (ASC) for IoT

Cost for Completion of AZ 220: $165

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Azure Solution architect expert

Acquiring a professional Azure Solution Architect Expert badge requires you to complete two certifications in general. 

Certification for Acquiring Azure Solution architect Expert Badge

This Badge requires the professional to pass two exams in total. The first one is the AZ 303 and the other is the AZ 304. 

NOTE: Previously these exams were named as AZ 300 and AZ 301 but have been retired from the Microsoft Azure Certification path by 30/09/2020.

  1. AZ 303 – Microsoft Azure Architecture technologies

This certification exam validates the expertise of candidates in the design and implementation of Microsoft Azure-based solutions, including compute, storage, network, and security.

Domains Covered in AZ 303

The domains covered in the AZ-303 certification exam are as follows,

Implementation and Monitoring of an Azure Infrastructure (50% to 55%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Implementation of cloud infrastructure monitoring
  • Implementation of storage accounts
  • Implementation of VMs for Windows and Linux
  • Automation of deployment and configuration of resources
  • Implementation of virtual networking
  • Implementation of Azure Active Directory
  • Implementation and management of hybrid identities

Implementation, Management and Security of Solutions (25% to 30%)

The topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Management of workloads in Azure
  • Implementation of load balancing and network security
  • Implementation and management of Azure governance solutions
  • Management of security for applications

Implementation of Solutions for Apps (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Implementation of an application infrastructure
  • Implementation of container-based applications

Implementation and Management of Data Platforms (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Implementation of NoSQL databases
  • Implementation of Azure SQL databases

Cost for Completion of AZ 303: $165

  1. AZ 304 – Microsoft Azure Architect Design

This certification exam validates the expertise of candidates in the design and implementation of Microsoft Azure-based solutions including compute, storage, network, and security. 

Domains Covered in AZ 304

The domains covered in the AZ-304 certification exam are as follows.

Design Monitoring (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Designing for cost optimization
  • Designing a solution for logging and monitoring

Designing Identity and Security (25% to 30%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Designing authentication
  • Designing authorization
  • Designing governance
  • Designing security for applications

Designing Data Storage (15% to 20%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Designing a solution for databases
  • Designing data integration
  • Selection of an appropriate storage account

Designing Business Continuity (10% to 15%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Designing a solution for backup and recovery
  • Designing for high availability

Designing Infrastructure (25% to 30%)

Topics covered in this domain are,

  • Designing a compute solution
  • Designing a network solution
  • Designing an application architecture
  • Designing migrations

Cost for Completion of AZ 304: $165

Azure DevOps Engineer expert

Any professional looking to gain the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Badge must own the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate badge as a prerequisite.

Certification for Acquiring Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Badge

It requires just one certification to claim your Badge as an Azure DevOps engineer Expert – AZ 400.

  • AZ 400 – Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

This certificate is released on September 24, 2018, as a Beta Model for Acquiring the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert Badge.

Domains Covered in AZ 400

The domains covered in the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure certification exam are as follows,       

Designing a DevOps strategy (20-25%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Recommending migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools.
  • Design and implementation of Agile work management approach.
  • Designing a quality strategy.
  • Designing a secure development process.
  • Designing a tool integration strategy.

Implementation of DevOps development process (20-25%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Designing a version control strategy.
  • Implementation and integration of source control.
  • Implementation and management of build infrastructure.
  • Implementation of code flow.
  • Implementation of a mobile DevOps strategy.
  • Management of application configuration and secrets.

Implementing continuous integration (10-15%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Management of code quality and security policies.
  • Implementation of a build strategy.
  • Implementation of a container build strategy.

Implementation of continuous delivery (10-15%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Designing a release strategy
  • Establishing the release management workflow.
  • Implementation of appropriate deployment pattern.

Implementation of dependency management (5-10%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Designing a strategy for dependency management.
  • Management of security and compliance.

Implementation of application infrastructure (15-20%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Designing a strategy for infrastructure and configuration management.
  • Implementation of Infrastructure as a Code (IaC).
  • Management of Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure.
  • Implementation of infrastructure compliance and security.

Implementation of continuous feedback (10-15%)

Topics covered in this domain are:

  • Recommendation and designing for system feedback mechanisms.
  • Implementation of processes for routing system feedback to development teams.
  • Optimization of feedback mechanisms.

Cost for Completion of AZ 400: $165


Bottom Line

Drawing this discussion to an end, we can notice that qualifying a Microsoft Azure certification exam is definitely difficult. However, the right preparation materials and guidance could help in overcoming all obstacles and achieving your objectives. The faster adoption of Microsoft Azure among enterprises is a prominent reason to go for careers on the Azure landscape.

On the other hand, emerging opportunities will also lead to higher competition levels for azure certification. The efforts and skills required for qualifying an azure certification could ensure long-term professional development for an individual. Therefore, it is the right time to make the big decision and start your preparations right away.

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