Everything You should Know About RHCSA Certification

Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification

Every single day, organizations located all over the world are adopting complex IT systems and processes are paving the way for the increased workloads. The surge of workloads demands a sustainable and reliable system architecture, which can be provided by Linux – a powerful Open Source operating system.

A Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification offers you the ability to understand the Linux OS and perform efficient tasks as an administrator. Moreover, once you become a Red Hat Certified professional it gives you access to Red Hat Certification Central, opening you up to a world of job opportunities.

So let’s take a look at the process and requirements for passing the Red hat Certified system administrator certification with Flying colours.

What is Linux and Why is it so Powerful?

Linux is an operating system that is used by professionals and organizations for creating system architecture that can handle complex tasks and Immense workloads. Moreover, Linux is an open-source operating system, giving network architects and programmers, the ability to change and modify the structure of the OS as required by the user.

Linux is the most commonly used OS in most of fortune 500 companies. With its immense power of customization, this open-source system is used for almost all types of IT initiatives like

  • Containers
  • Security applications and
  • Cloud applications

In the Age where cloud-based technology is all the hype, LINUX still serves as the best choice for developers. Every organization like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web services and Google Cloud platform use Linux as the basic OS for generating most of its images and designing Virtual Machines.

All this information proves that a Red Hat System Administrator Certification can help you gain leverage and land a job as a System Administrator in a reputed organization.

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Why should I Get my Red Hat System Administration Certification?

As a Linux administrator, you should understand all the nuances and qualities of a Linux OS with ease. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification offers you a way to validate your experience and your knowledge in the field. With this certificate, you will be able to find better jobs in competitive organizations, where your growth will be manifold.

Moreover, some organizations consider an RHCSA certification as a mandatory factor when hiring someone for the role of System Administrator. By taking up the exams and passing the RHCSA certification, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

What is the Cost of RHCSA Certification?

The cost of taking up your RHCSA certification would set you back anywhere between $500 – $ 700. Moreover, the cost can be divided into two ways, one to apply for the exam and the other to pay for the extra coaching sessions.

The amount of money you pay for training totally depends upon the place where you take up your training and the reputation of the training organization. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator cost, however, stands at $400 ( may vary according to your country ).

What are the Pros and Cons of the Red Hat System Administrator Certification?

Every Certification course has its own pros and cons and the same stands true for an RHCSA certification. It takes hard work and a lot of effort to Ace the Red Hat Certified System Administrator program.

So before you go all in and decide to take the exam, let’s take a moment to look at all the Pros and Cons of the RHCSA Certification.

Pros of RHCSA Certification :

  1. The quality of study materials provided by Redhat is always top-notch and it will help you learn everything about RHEL systems with ease
  2. Your CV will become very powerful after you complete your RHCSA certification. A good number of companies seek certified System administrators for their RHEL systems.
  3. An RHCSA certification offers you the best way to validate all the lessons you have learnt and the experiences you have incurred working as a Linux System Administrator.

Cons of RHCSA Certification :

  1. An RHCSA certification is of no use to a fresher, as the certification exam is complex and requires a degree of understanding of Linux systems
  2. The Exam fee is Non-Refundable and when you fail the exam, you have n choice but to pay the fees when you want to take it up for another time.
  3. An RHCSA certification also offers no job guarantee ( this stands true for highly experienced professionals too ).
  4. Even after completing your RHCSA certification, your employer will only look upon your capability to solve real-world problems, rather than considering your certification as a Valid proof of knowledge.

What are the Prerequisites for My RHCSA Certification Preparation?

Personal Requirements:

  • Passing the Red Hat Certified System Administrator program needs a lot of preparation. So the first requirement is the capacity to work hard and learn efficiently.
  • You will need access to study materials, so make sure you get yourself included in a proper training organization before taking up the RHCSA certification

Technical Requirements:

  • Red Hat requires every candidate to have a dual-core system, that has at least 4GB of RAM and an onboard 80 GB of storage.
  • A Stable internet connection also stands at the top of the technical prerequisites for taking your RHCSA certification examination.

Are there any Training Classes Recommended by Red Hat Before Taking up the RHCSA Certification?

Red hat recommends all of its students to go through three basic training sessions, before taking up the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification.

  • Red Hat System Administrator I ( RH124 )
  • Red Hat System Administrator II ( RH134 )
  • RHCSA rapid track course (RH199)

We hope this guide gave you direction and confidence to pass the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification exams. We hope to see you as an RHCSA certified administrator soon.

Thanks for reading!


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