Freelancing vs Full-time Job: The Pros & Cons

Freelancing vs Full-time Job

Freelancing vs Full-time job is something that is being compared for a long time now. The 9-5 salaried individuals feel like they are in a more stable position. However, the freelancers believe that they are earning a really good amount of money without working under any single boss. 

There are many conflicts between these two earning sources, but which is better? Follow this article till the end to get a clear answer on this! 


A Full-Time Job

You are committing 40 hours or more of every week to your Full-Time Job. Today, there are many jobs that are even crossing that mark of full-time jobs. Jobs do have a fixed amount of salary that you know you would get at the end of every month. 

It is not the same with freelancing! You cannot predict the amount you would get by the end of every month. You cannot plan out certain expenditures when you are beginning with the process of freelancing. But, a stable amount flowing into your account every month gives you mental confidence to plan out your expenses. 

It is evident that you earn a lot with freelancing, but it takes time! With a full-time job, you already know your starting mark. Your experience is what helps you win over a better pay scale in the future. 

There are both positives as well as negatives for a full-time job. It depends upon how an individual takes such considerations to his/her head. Some of the pros and cons of full-time jobs are:


  • You get health perks and coverages within the company norms. 
  • Some of the companies even pay your gym or yoga memberships. 
  • A company creates a positive atmosphere with like-minded people around you. 
  • You have mentors within your office or workspace to guide you to excel.
  • You can be predictive with your job based on the amount of work you have to do. 
  • Promotions and appraisals are sweet rewards for working in a proficient company. 


  • You get no flexibility, as you need to be there at one place for 8 hours or more in a day. 
  • You need to travel all the way to your office on usual working days, and that adds up the hassle.
  • Workplace politics is inevitable. You might not like sitting around with some people and work. 
  • Office work is too predictable, and if you don’t like your job, you will get hell bored while being in it. 
  • You will not have much time to pursue passions, interests, or hobbies. 

It is all about how you count yourself in the field. If you think that a full-time job is the best option for you to pursue, go for it. However, if you think you can continue working full time and freelancing together, you must surely give it a try! It is all about how you take these pros and cons and deal with them.


Do you have that question in mind which says, “Is freelancing a good career?”. You must know that freelancing has stood out in the crowd in the past few years. People are leaving their full-time jobs to get into a freelancing career. Being a successful freelancer is very rewarding, but the journey is really very difficult. You need to go through a lot of hardships initially to build your name in the freelancing world.

The initial days in freelancing is full of harassment, struggle, and devastating feeling. But, when you put your feet into this world, you will learn to put your skills on the right rewarding path. You will have more than one employer or client to your name and will have multiple projects at a time.

Just like a full-time job, there are pros and cons of freelancing as well. However, in most cases, freelancing has proven to be a better option than a full-time job.


  • You are your own in-charge. You do not need to take permission from anyone for work that you don’t want to do. 
  • If you want to compare freelance vs full time salary, then freelance can get you a higher pay-out if you have relevant skills and experience.
  • You decide the way you want to complete your work, for meeting the deadlines. 
  • Your work schedule is not specified by anyone. You can either wake up early to work or work all night to sleep during the day. It all depends upon you. 
  • Remote working is the best benefit of freelancing over a full-time job. 


  • If you don’t deliver the work, you will not get paid! Offices have second chances, but in freelancing, you rarely get any!
  • There is no fixed pay for a month. The paycheques fluctuate over time.
  • You need to keep yourself organized, without which managing the jobs of a freelancer will become difficult.

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Freelancing vs Full-time Job – Comparision Table

freelancing vs full time job



The pros and cons must have given you the idea about Freelancing vs Full-time job. Now, you can understand their individual significance. It is all on you to decide what suits you the best. Go for the job or be a freelancer; it is solely your choice.

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