Top 5 most in-demand freelance skills in 2021

freelance skills

Freelancing is only good if you have good freelancing skills! If you possess the best skills, you will shine in the freelance industry, but if you are hanging around with minimalistic skills, then you might not last for long. Therefore, you need to brush up on your existing skills and learn some new ones this year.

In every job or business, you need to evolve yourself over time. Moreover, if you are in a freelancing profession, it is a necessity for you to grow with your skills, in terms of proficiency and numbers, over time. Hence, this article is to enlighten you about the top freelancing skills that you need to learn and adopt in 2021.

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5 Best Demanding and Rewarding Freelancing Skills

Here is the list of the five new & best freelancing skills that you must learn and master in 2021. These skills will help you attain a lot of projects and stand out in the crowd.

1. Web Application Development Skills

As the pandemic has explained the potential of running businesses online, all the brick and mortar businesses are also turning up to online platforms for providing their respective services. Therefore, they are in high need of web apps to run their business operations seamlessly. For instance, the businesses such as pizza shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and other small businesses are demanding web app development services at cheap pricing and high-quality expectations.

Therefore, as the demand for this service is rising since 2020, it is important for people to add web app development skills to their list. Irrespective of what skill you already possess or are working upon, it is important for you to learn ‘most in demand freelancing skills’ on priority, and web app development is one amongst them. Web apps work seamlessly over phones as mobile apps, and the development cost is also less. Therefore, learning this skill would help you take up a lot of jobs in the present year.

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2. WordPress Designing & Development Skills

WordPress is renowned across the globe for its impeccable capabilities of building websites. Moreover, it is also cheap for people to get their websites created over WordPress. Therefore, most of the entrepreneurs seek this platform to get their website ready. Furthermore, that is the sole reason why you should learn this skill on priority. There are many small businesses that would turn up to you for the sake of getting their website developed.

With this skill, you will be ready to design WordPress themes, develop complex websites, create e-commerce stores, and much more. Learning the freelancing skills in demand is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the wave of new projects this year. With the right amount of skills, you can be a versatile freelancer instead of being stuck with just one skill.

3. Cloud Computing Skills

One such important and effective service that is gaining demand is cloud computing. You need to learn cloud computing, as it helps you master many more niches embedded within it. While you are in the pursuit of mastering the skills of cloud computing, you will learn about AWS, Azure, cloud computing engineering, cloud computing programming, and other important aspects.

Once you have mastered these fundamentals and practical skills, you can help SaaS businesses with their project development needs. There are diverse platforms that help you with jobs related to cloud computing. These are high-paying jobs and are trending in the year 2021. It is advised that you focus on both basics and practical courses of cloud computing to master this skill. If you can offer reliability to the clients, they will put their trust in you and spread a positive word of mouth.

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4. Administrative Assistance Skills

The role of administrative assistants is to take charge of several management operations within a company. Earlier, this service needed a physical presence at the office, but everything can be managed today over online platforms. Therefore, if you are looking for a career out of freelancing, then learn administrative assistance skills to manage social media, clients, bookkeeping, and other such important operations as per the client’s requirements.

It is one of the most difficult yet best freelancing skills! The job role of this profession might seem easy, but it is really complex as it demands freelancers to be multitaskers. There will be many things within an administration that one needs to take care of. Moreover, the clients will hire you only if you have the relevant experience to meet their requirements.

5. Video Editing

If you have a keen interest in video editing, then you need to master this skill so that you can convert it into a profession. Businesses of all types intend to post video ads over their websites or online advertising channels to gain more exposure. Moreover, statistically, over 93% of all businesses have recorded a boost in their customer count after putting up video ads over social media handles.

Therefore, online marketers are now focusing on adding video ads to their websites or other advertising channels for generating more sales and revenue. To catch on to this demand, you need to master this skill and offer your skills and creativity to diverse client projects. You can get video editing projects from almost all freelance work platforms. The only thing you need to do is acquire reliable skills to meet the client requirements on priority.

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These are the top 5 freelancing skills to learn in order to get hold of more projects in 2021. You might be a freelance writer, editor, website developer, or anything else, but putting your hand into other relevant skills, will help you grow your freelance career on priority. Therefore, make sure you take up the free or paid courses to obtain these skills and add them to your portfolio for the clients to know.

While you are learning the new skills, put some effort into upgrading your existing ones as well. It will help you set your career into a win-win scenario.


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