Simplilearn and IIT Kanpur Launch Online Certificate Program in Blockchain Technology

blockchain certification program

The evolution of Blockchain technology has prompted companies to integrate it into their working structure. Companies look for professionals who excel in the applications of blockchain technology. IT and engineering professionals are going for a short Blockchain Technology Certification Course to upgrade their skill portfolio. Global skills training providers like Simplilearn are crafting short courses on the subject because of the demand seen for blockchain technology professionals in different sectors. 

It is necessary for any IT engineer or computer engineering professional to update his skill set with essential skills related to blockchain technology. From secured payment gateways to banking transactions, Blockchain integrates into the fabric of different modern industries. Healthcare, Law, voting and politics, blockchain technology is in various fields associated with society. With its varied applications, the need to become a certified blockchain professional is increasing for industry workers. 

The employment landscape of India is highly competitive. In a competitive landscape, up-skilling regularly helps professionals create long career paths.

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Why do you need a blockchain certification program? 

If the above section failed to convince you about the necessity of enrolling in a blockchain certification program, read on to find out about a blockchain certification’s advantages.

  • Higher demand skillset- Blockchain Technology is high on demand skill for a lot of industries. The number of professionals ready to fill in this demand in India is significantly less. Professionals who will take a blockchain certification program soon will be tapping into career growth opportunities without much competition.
  • Higher salary- If you are a professional looking for a certification course that will help secure a promotion, a blockchain certification program is the right one to choose. Professionals with blockchain certification see an increase in their salary. As Blockchain technology continues to evolve in applications, a blockchain professional’s salary will continue to increase.
  • Spoilt for career choices- Blockchain technology applies in every field of the industry today. From small start-ups to large-scale companies, blockchain technology is everywhere. From public service undertakings to private firms, a blockchain certification program is an excellent resume booster. Moreover, a blockchain certification course opens doors for you in every field. 

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Which blockchain certification program should I go for? 

After explaining how a blockchain certification program is beneficial for your career, we are here to tell you about the newest and the best blockchain certification program in India.

Simplilearn Blockchain Certification Program is a complete blockchain certification course designed to help you gain essential blockchain skills. Simplilearn is a global digital skills training provider that designs excellent professional courses. The newest Blockchain Certification Program of Simplilearn is developed in collaboration with IIT Kanpur. The new Simplilearn Blockchain Certification Program runs for four months. 

The course includes 70+ applied learning lessons and more than 50 self-paced learning modules. A person can quickly learn the basics of blockchain technology with the Simplilearn Blockchain Certification Program. The program will also give the students exposure to IIT Kanpur faculty in masterclasses. Moreover, Simplilearn has a well-balanced flow of self-learning, applied learning, and mentor guidance. 

The course includes lessons on the applications of Blockchain Technology and the platforms that use Blockchain. It also touches on the topic of application building and forecasts of Blockchain Technology. Upon completion of the course, the learners will get a certificate of completion from IIT Kanpur. IIT Kanpur is a premier technical institute of India, and a certification authorized by it holds a lot of weight in professional circles. 

The Simplilearn will also help certificate graduates unlock employment opportunities by enrolling them in Simplilearn’s Job Assistance Service. Graduates will also get IIM Jobs Pro-membership for the next six months. The Simplilearn Blockchain Certificate Program is excellent for IT professionals, engineers, software developers, and data analysts.


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