Top 5 Online AWS Certification Training Provider

AWS certification training

Are you currently on the lookout for the best online AWS certification training provider? Cloud computing is gradually becoming a staple requirement for all enterprises worldwide. Therefore, the demand for cloud certified candidates is shaping up the future trends of jobs in the IT sector. Apparently, almost 83% of enterprises all over the world would be on the cloud in 2020.

According to predictions of Gartner, the global public cloud services landscape would have a total value of $331.2 billion by 2022.

In addition, cloud engineers command salaries amounting to an average of almost $120,000. Among the many notable public cloud service providers, AWS has a potentially formidable position in the market.

Therefore, AWS certified candidates can access more promising job opportunities in the present IT labor market. So, it is important to search for ideal AWS certification training platforms to ensure your readiness for different AWS certifications.

Here are the top 5 platforms that you can choose for AWS certification preparation

A closer look at the features of each training provider can help you make a reasonable choice.

1. A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru

Started in 2015 by two brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit, A Cloud Guru is one of the notable AWS training platforms today. Learners could access full courses for the eleven different AWS certifications. In addition, the deep dive courses on A Cloud Guru offer convenient tools for candidates to strengthen their command over AWS technologies and products. Most important of all, candidates could get better AWS certification training on A Cloud Guru with the facility of hands-on labs. The simple lab exercises and hands-on projects can improve the practical experience of candidates with the latest AWS services.

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2. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a reliable option for AWS certification training on the basis of various reasons. First of all, the training courses on Pluralsight focus on role as well as technology. The online training courses of Pluralsight have better alignment with the skills tested in certification exams. The detailed role assessments can help candidates find the ideal certification for their skills. In addition, candidates can explore the ideal learning paths they should follow for advancing their career ahead. The involvement of industry experts as authors of training courses on Pluralsight offers a reliable advantage to learners.

Cloud Academy

3. Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is also probably the best AWS certification training provider due to the various functionalities with its training courses. The AWS training library on Cloud Academy is a promising source for candidates to access highly detailed learning paths, quizzes and training courses. Furthermore, the training library also contains hands-on labs that help candidates to prepare dynamically for AWS certification exams. The specialization training courses and hands-on labs on Cloud Academy also present reasonable opportunities for skill development. 


4. Edureka

If there’s one best place that you can go for AWS training, it is Edureka! Candidates will get the facility of unlimited access to the online learning database of Edureka. In addition, this platform also provides vital tools for tracking your career growth, thereby helping candidates chart the course of their future careers. Live instructor-led training and doubt clearing sessions are a great functionality on Edureka to prepare effectively for AWS certifications.

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5. Whizlabs

With over 20 years of experience as a top certification training provider, Whizlabs definitely deserves mention here! Whizlabs has helped over 3 million technical professionals find their dream career without a hitch. Driven by a team of dedicated professionals, Whizlabs provides exceptionally crafter training courses for various AWS certifications.

The effectiveness of Whizlabs in AWS certification training depends prominently on their concise and highly engaging training videos. Furthermore, candidates for AWS certifications can also access hands-on labs and practice tests to hone their preparations further. On the bigger picture, Whizlabs provides the assurance of round the clock customer support and resolution of doubts by experts. 


So, candidates could now just take some time to visit each of the above-mentioned platforms. You must not arrive at a decision hastily while selecting an online certification training platform. Take a closer look at the terms and conditions of their services. Most important of all, candidates should try to find whether they have a moneyback guarantee or not.

In addition, it is also highly essential for all candidates to make sure that they follow responsible preparation schedules. Even if the certification training platform can help you with online training and practice tests, your effort and dedication matter considerably for your success. So, start preparing right now!


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