Whizlabs vs ACloudGuru – A Quick Comparison

whizlabs vs acloudguru

If you are looking for the best platform to get reliable online training courses, then you should compare the best. Cloud computing jobs are highly promising career options in present times, and the choice of a reliable certification training provider can make the difference between success and failure.

Whizlabs and ACloudGuru are the two notable platforms that candidates turn to for reliable preparation materials on cloud certifications. The following Whizlabs vs ACloudGuru comparison takes a look at the positive and negative aspects of both training platforms. You can use the following discussion to find out the best alternative for your AWS certification training requirements. 

Here’s the Comparison between Whizlabs and ACloudGuru



Let us start our A Cloud Guru Vs Whizlabs comparison by taking the former into account first. 


One of the striking highlights of ACloudGuru is the team behind the massive assortment of training courses on the platform. The founders of ACloudGuru have comprehensive expertise in AWS Cloud and years of business management experience has strengthened their market acumen. So, they are capable of including the best specialists in their team of instructors. 


In addition, the pricing plans of ACloudGuru strike a unique note with different pricing models for individuals and businesses. The annual and monthly plans for individual users serve as ideal instruments for cost-effective exam preparations. Most important of all, the 35% savings on the annual plan of ACloudGuru places it ahead in the Whizlabs Vs ACloudGuru comparison. The monthly and yearly subscription plans of ACloudGuru help you make the most of their vast assortment of training courses.

Training Effectiveness

ACloudGuru also shows promising competence in the field of training for cloud certifications. Learners will get the opportunity to practice in a real-time environment and access a wide range of hands-on labs for cloud certifications. The hands-on labs provide adequate support to candidates for learning the practical implementation of the concepts they learn in the training courses. As a result, candidates could prepare effectively for the performance-based technical tasks in modern cloud certification exams. Candidates preparing for professional or speciality AWS certifications could gain promising benefits from ACloudGuru. 

Community Support

Adding up to its many advantages and features, ACloudGuru also has its own blog and discussion forum. Apart from these two sources, learners have the facility of reliable customer support at all times. Therefore, aspiring candidates could easily clear their doubts regarding the certification exam and the related topics. Furthermore, the blog and discussion forum can provide neutral insights and information on best practices to prepare for AWS certifications. 

However, ACloudGuru has a prominent setback to its credit. The simulated exam environment on ACloudGuru doesn’t have an adequate number of practice questions. So, will ACloudGuru be a reliable choice? 

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The next player in the Whizlabs Vs ACloudGuru comparison, i.e. Whizlabs presents some notable advantages over its competitor. 

Expertise and Experience in Certification Training

Whizlabs has an experience spanning over two decades in the facility of online certification training. The massive amount of experience and industry knowledge in the 20 years of its operations makes Whizlabs a comprehensive solution for all certification preparation requirements. 


One of the first highlights of Whizlabs is the facility of online certification training courses at highly affordable prices. In addition, Whizlabs also provides a moneyback guarantee for every online course and practice test. Therefore, you can be assured of the safety of your investment in online training courses by Whizlabs. 


The next important feature of Whizlabs is the team of subject matter experts and qualified professionals behind every training course. Furthermore, a proven track record of helping over 3 million professionals achieve their dream of a promising career in IT proves the mettle of Whizlabs. 

However, Whizlabs also has its own share of setbacks. For example, there is no clear evidence to showcase “How does Whizlabs compare to the actual exam?” thereby creating ambiguities for candidates. 

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Now, readers must be wondering about the ideal choice after the Whizlabs Vs ACloudGuru comparison. The only question revolving around the minds of readers right now is “which is best for AWS certification training?” and the answer depends on your requirements. If you want comprehensive community support, then you can opt for ACloudGuru.

On the other hand, if you want detailed practice tests and hands-on demonstrations in training courses, then Whizlabs is the perfect pick. As a matter of fact, you can notice that both ACloudGuru and Whizlabs are unique on their own terms. All we have to do is be attentive to our requirements for certification training and find one that suits perfectly!      


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