Why Microsoft Azure is growing faster than AWS?

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While AWS was launched in 2006, Microsoft Azure entered the world of cloud computing in 2010. However, with the cutting-edge capabilities and features, Azure is growing much faster compared to AWS and its other competitors. The Azure market share is expanding at a rapid pace, and wondering what is driving the Azure growth?

Well, there are numerous factors that account for the growth. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent ones.

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Why Microsoft Azure is growing faster than AWS?

Longtime Microsoft Users

When it is about Azure vs. AWS, most people will go with Microsoft Azure. One of the main reasons for this is that people have been using Microsoft as their desktop software for quite a long time. While many other competitors have emerged in recent times, people choose to stick to the company they have been well acquainted with for decades. Moreover, now that the Azure cloud technology is all set for prime time, its market will continue to grow faster than AWS.

Large and Robust Partner Ecosystem

Another significant reason for the Azure growth is the large and robust partner ecosystem of Microsoft. The start-up companies are not much concerned about the disruption or enterprise security for business users. However, for enterprise companies, it matters a lot. So, whenever enterprise companies plan to switch to the cloud from ERP, they are more likely to look for solutions with less downtime or security lapse. In such a situation, choosing trusted partners is important. While Google and AWS do not have a strong partner base, Microsoft Azure provides the companies with what they are looking for.

Hybrid Cloud

When it is AWS vs. Azure, hybrid cloud is a significant factor that enables Microsoft Azure to stay ahead of AWS. Microsoft understands well that a number of enterprises will not opt to move all their applications or production systems to the public cloud. However, with the hybrid cloud, companies can easily make the most of their existing IT assets and get benefitted by leveraging Azure.

It helps in bringing down the overall cost of the companies while lowering risks and reducing the potential risks. Moreover, the hybrid cloud solution offered by Microsoft Azure can prove to be useful in workload portability, application development, security management, identity management, and application portability. 

Comprehensive and Broad Platform

Another prominent reason that is accelerating the expansion of the Azure market share is the comprehensive and broad platform of Microsoft Azure. The platform can provide you with very basic services such as WordPress hosting as well as advanced workloads like Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. This helps Microsoft Azure to experience faster growth as compared to AWS.

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Enhanced Options of Platform as a Service

When it about Infrastructure as a Service for various functions like networking, virtual machines, and storage, both Azure and AWS are a good choice. However, when it comes to Platform as a Service capability, they are not equal. Microsoft Azure stands much ahead with enhanced options of Platform as a Service. Azure offers companies an effective environment, tools, and other beneficial management options. Moreover, Azure provides the developers with the opportunity to make the most of innovation flexibility when creating or deploying the different cloud services.

Better Security and Compliance

When it is Azure vs. AWS, security, and compliance is an important factor to consider. With the use of an industry-leading assurance protocol named Security Development Lifecycle, Microsoft Azure helps in protecting all the services, data, and applications. For Microsoft, security has been a top priority for years.

In terms of compliance, Azure offers comprehensive coverage and over seventy compliance offerings. The very base of the development methodology of Microsoft Azure is compliance, security, and privacy. With enhanced security and better compliance, Microsoft Azure easily enjoys faster growth than AWS.

Office 365

Office 365 is another significant reason for the faster growth and success of Microsoft. In fact, Office 365 has been among the faster-growing business for Microsoft. For companies that are familiar with Office 365, Microsoft Azure is just like a natural extension. This makes it quite easy for the different enterprises to conveniently make a switch to the cloud platform.

Compatibility with .Net

Compatibility with .Net is yet another factor that enables Azure to stay ahead when it is AWS vs. Azure. As several old and new applications are developed using the programming language of .Net, most companies look for .Net compatibility while availing the cloud offerings. With enhanced .Net compatibility, Microsoft Azure enables enterprises to easily migrate the .Net applications to Azure.

Final Notes

In addition to the factors mentioned above, an integrated environment and better cost saving are other important aspects that help Microsoft Azure to grow faster than AWS. Moreover, Microsoft is also leveraging its strong enterprise relationships to move ahead faster in the cloud space and more benefits to the different companies.


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