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Top 10 Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification

Cloud computing is almost everywhere around us, and there is no point in denying that. The majority of organizations worldwide have already jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon by shifting their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. One of the foremost choices of all organizations to make the shift to cloud computing is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is one of the prominent players in the public cloud services sector and has been a topper of the industry in terms of market share for a long time. 

AWS presently enjoys a market share of around 30% in the public cloud market, and its revenue growth is also commendable in comparison to the competitors of AWS, such as Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM. Therefore, many people have been trying to find out the benefits of AWS certifications in their pursuit of cloud computing careers. So, let us find out the top advantages you can get with AWS certifications in the following discussion. 


Top 10 Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification

1. The Cloud is Here to Stay, Especially AWS!

The first entry among the benefits of AWS certifications refers directly to the long-term potential of the cloud. The cloud is slowly becoming the default norm for all businesses to ensure technical operations. Many companies are shifting to the cloud, and AWS certifications can deliver a competitive advantage for your career.

2. Perfect to Ride on the Demand for AWS Expertise

The second mention among the advantages of AWS certification would be the AWS certification demand. AWS certification serves as an ideal instrument for bridging the gap of skills that businesses require for various cloud-related tasks. Thousands of companies that provide AWS solutions can provide jobs readily to AWS certified candidates.

3. Employers Can Easily Identify Candidate’s Skills

The AWS certification preparation required to qualify exams is also a vital indicator for employers. The certification in a candidate’s resume clearly showcases their commitment to professional development. So, employers are more likely to emphasize on certified candidates for specific job positions.

4. Hefty Salary Raise

The AWS certification salary shall also be a prominent mention among all positive aspects regarding AWS certifications. AWS certification delivers a promising rise in salary estimates as compared to non-certified candidates. Therefore, AWS certifications surely boost the prospects for an AWS professional to command a higher salary. 

5. Access to Opportunities

There is no doubt regarding the emerging job opportunities due to the skill gap in public cloud services market. Candidates can receive many promising alternatives to carry their career forward in a diversity of roles with AWS certifications. The certification of a candidate is likely to make candidates a perfect match for specific AWS projects. Freelancers with AWS certifications could use their recognition to gain more projects. So, the AWS certification brings credible benefits in the form of easier access to job opportunities.


6. Professional Networking Advantages

The benefits of AWS certifications also include the positive outcomes of recognition for professional networking. Certified candidates are eligible for joining the LinkedIn community of AWS. In this case, the certified candidates could view the network of AWS certified professionals all over the world and interact with them. 

The AWS community is a great source of information on AWS services, products, and technologies. In addition, the community is also helpful in supporting the continuous learning initiatives of professionals. Technical demos of live coding, free study materials, launch announcements, and practice exams are some of the important sources that the AWS community offers for improving your knowledge and expertise in AWS.

7. Important for Maintaining Partner Status

Another aspect to understand the importance of AWS certifications is the requirement of AWS certified professionals for maintaining AWS partner status. AWS technical and consultancy partners require a certain number of AWS-certified professionals for maintaining their partner status according to respective tier-level. Therefore, AWS certified candidates are not only a necessity for business operations but also for fostering business continuity.    

8. Preparing for the Right Career

Becoming AWS certified has a unique advantage of tailoring the skills of an individual to fit specific job roles. So, certifications are not only perfect tools for employers to find the right person for the job but also for candidates to navigate the right career path on AWS.

9. Opportunity to Become AWS Subject Matter Expert

The AWS certifications also require considerable training and interaction with subject matter experts. Did you know that you could become an AWS subject matter expert by earning AWS certifications? Certifications are a prerequisite for the AWS subject matter expert program and can boost career opportunities for all candidates.

10. Easy Access to AWS Certifications

The final entry among benefits of AWS certifications directly refers to the easier access to AWS certifications. With reasonable costs and facility of trusted guidance on AWS for different certifications, candidates will have a seamless certification experience.



So, AWS certifications have a formidable potential for enhancing the career prospects for an individual by huge margins. The benefits of AWS certifications clearly show that they are indeed worth the effort. Candidates preparing for AWS certifications have to give in their all to make sure that they qualify in the first attempt itself. 

Many potential issues can overshadow the preparations of candidates. However, if you have an eye for the above-mentioned advantages, it would be easier for you to prepare. The certification exams are not the only mountains you have to climb. Be prepared to find the right job which could arm you with experience for your future career pursuits!

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