AWS Developer & AWS Architect Roles Explained

AWS Developer Vs AWS Architect

As a fresher, you may have many doubts about your cloud career. It is definitely good news if you have decided to begin your cloud career on AWS. However, the choice can still be difficult when it comes to choosing the career path on AWS. Many beginners are doubtful about pursuing the role of AWS developer or AWS architect.

AWS has clearly laid out career paths for both roles and leave limited scope for misjudgment. However, a fresher without any prior knowledge of the cloud computing sector or AWS, in general, can face difficulties in choosing among these two options. The following discussion attempts to draw a viable impression regarding the suitable career path for a fresher in AWS.

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Why is AWS Certification Necessary Here?

It is reasonable for a fresher to wonder about the issues that draw attention to the AWS developer or AWS architect comparison. Why do you have to worry about certification for taking your AWS career forward? The most evident reason for choosing certification paths for specific roles is the achievement of tangible proof of AWS expertise.

Even if you gain the skills and knowledge to work as an AWS cloud developer or AWS solution architect, you need something to prove them. AWS certifications give you the perfect platform for discovering prolific employment opportunities. So, whether it is the AWS developer associate certification or AWS solutions architect certification, freshers can get their first foothold in their AWS career with these certifications.

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Scope for Professional Development

Now that we have established the necessity of AWS certifications, let us compare the two certification paths in question. The AWS developer certification path contains only one associate-level certification exam. On the other hand, the AWS solutions architect certification path contains an associate-level and a professional-level certification.

However, this does not mean that the odds turn in favor of AWS solutions architect role in the AWS developer or AWS architect debate. As a matter of fact, AWS developers can also strive for the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification for career development. Therefore, both the AWS developer and AWS architect career options present reliable opportunities for developing your cloud computing career.

Skill and Knowledge Requirements for the Roles

The second theme in the AWS solution architect vs. developer comparison refers to the skill and knowledge requirements. The readiness of the candidates could also be helpful in making a reliable selection from the two available choices. One of the common aspects of the requirements for both roles is the comprehensive awareness of AWS architecture fundamentals.

Furthermore, the certifications also emphasize commonly on developing, deploying, and managing cloud-based applications. In addition, the other common elements include AWS global infrastructure, key features of notable AWS services, and best practices of AWS security. On the other hand, the AWS developer certification path demands higher comprehensiveness of skills required.

Candidates should have the skills and knowledge for scripting code, especially for serverless applications and implementation in containers. Freshers aspiring for role of AWS developer should also specialize in the use of AWS CLI, AWS service APIs, and SDKs for creating applications. So, the AWS solutions architect associate certification serves as a preferable option for freshers looking for easy access to AWS careers.


Job Responsibilities

Freshers should keep in mind that answers for AWS developer or AWS architect debate largely depends on their career preferences. In this case, it would be reasonable to reflect on the responsibilities in each role to identify the suitable option. The AWS developer certification, as dictated already, has quite some comprehensive skill requirements. An AWS developer must have comprehensive knowledge of core AWS services and their applications alongside the best practices for general AWS architecture.

In addition, AWS developer should also showcase comprehensive efficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging of cloud-based applications. On the other hand, the role of AWS solutions architect requires to focus on defining solutions in accordance with best practices and principles of architectural design on the basis of customer specifications.

AWS solutions architect would also have to work for delivering reliable guidance on implementing cloud infrastructure on the basis of best practices across the complete lifecycle of the project. Therefore, one can note that both the AWS developer and AWS solution architect roles have equal scope for providing significant responsibilities to freshers in their AWS careers.



On a concluding note, it is clear that both the AWS developer and AWS solutions architect roles are equally important. If you want to build cloud infrastructures, then the AWS solutions architect option is right for you. On the other hand, if you aspire to create new AWS-based cloud solutions, then you can go for AWS developer.

Freshers should also note that the AWS solutions architect is the most demanded role among beginners. However, that does not imply that the AWS developer or AWS solutions architect debate can go one-sided. As a matter of fact, both the AWS career roles give adequate prospects for career development. So, choose the one that suits your skills and career goals right now and get started!



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